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5174Cyanotype or blueprint plan for the 1901 Brew-Master's Convention.DetailsHettinger, C. F.1901
Cyanotype blueprint floor plan for 1901 Boston Brew-master's convention
Hettinger, C. F.
$550.00Hettinger--C--F-Cyanotype-blueprint-floor-plan-for-1901-Boston-Brew-master-s-conventionOriginal one-of-a-kind cyanotype, or blueprint, floor plan for the 1901 Brew-Master's Convention to be held in the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association Building, Boston Mass. The 13th annual convention of the <b>United States Brewmaster's Association</b> was held in Boston during the week beginning on September 23, 1901. <br></br> The plan distinguishes between two areas in the building- the Convention Hall and the Exhibition Hall. The Exhibition Hall was a new feature of the convention: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "… it has been thought desirable to make special arrangements for facilities for demonstrating and exhibiting all classes of machines and supplies adapted to brewer's use …" [1] </div> </br> The Charitable Mechanics Association built the Mechanic's Hall in 1881 on Huntington Avenue, at West Newton Street near Copley Square. Architect William Gibbons Preston designed the hall which featured an auditorium, sometimes referred to as the Grand Hall. The hall was demolished in 1958. <br></br> Drawn and printed by C. F. Hettinger & Co. Engineers & Architects. 1140 Columbus Ave. Boston, Mass. <br></br> [1] Online: Gindele, William J. American Brewers' Review. Wahl and Henius eds. 1900-1901. p.282. <br></br> (beer, brewing, brew, craft beer, brewery, hops, tipsy, hopped up, loaded, drunk, shit-faced, sdfngd)