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1475Vue d'optique from 1760 of Beijing, China.DetailsHuquier Fils.1760
Antique vue d'optique of the Port of Beijing Pekin, China
Huquier Fils.
$320.00Huquier-Fils-Antique-vue-d-optique-of-the-Port-of-Beijing-Pekin--ChinaScarce French vue d'optique or optical print ca. 1760 of the Port of Pekin or Beijing, China. Engraved by the sons of Jacques Gabriel Huquier. In the foreground of this colorful original antique engraving numerous covered boats are unloaded by a variety of workers dressed in colorful native apparel. <br></br> Attribution at bottom reads "A Paris ches Huquier Fils, Graveur rue St. Jacques, au Grand St. Remy." Jacques Gabriel Huquier (1725 - 1805) was an engraver and printseller located at Rue St. Jacques in Paris, France. Jacques-Gabriel fils was the son of J. Gabriel Huquier, also a printseller and engraver who worked from the same address. According to Jeffares, Jacques-Gabriel Huquier made a fortuitous marriage in 1758: <div class="indenttextblock">"[J.G. Huquier] married Anne-Louise, the daughter of the engraver Jacques Chéreau. She brought a dowry of 10,000 livres, mostly in stock in the business at rue Saint-Jacques, “au Grand Saint-Rémy”, and for the next three years with Huquier fils and Chéreau collaborated as engravers and printsellers." (Source : </div> By 1772 Huquier had abandoned his family and emigrated to England. Screenplay in progress.