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64181969 poster for the UC Berkeley centennial by Eli LeonDetailsLeon, Eli1968
Unreleased fish-eye birds-eye view poster 1968 California Berkeley Centennial
Leon, Eli
$1,500.00Leon--EliUnreleased-fish-eye-birds-eye-view-poster-1968-California-Berkeley-CentennialVery rare and extremely fine 60's-era poster view of the campanile and campus of the University of California Berkeley, a dizzying birds-eye view taken with a fish-eye lens. This masterful poster was designed by Eli Leon and printed in 1968 for the centennial of Berkeley's founding. According to the Oakland Museum of California's web site, who owns the only other known copy of this poster: <br><br> <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "According to the artist, this poster was commissioned by U.C. Berkeley <u>but never released</u>. [LMC] [1]" </div> <br> Robert Stanley Leon (1935-2018) was best known as a collector of African American quilts, but is credited with the creation of this rare poster despite having no known training in the visual arts. <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> "Eli Leon was an Oakland-based collector, scholar, and champion of African American quiltmakers whose gift of nearly 3,000 quilts to BAMPFA <i>[UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive]</i> has made possible an inspiring future of scholarship and presentation here in Berkeley. In addition to collecting artwork, Leon also compiled a massive–and unruly–collection of raw materials and textiles." [2] </div> <br><br> Sources: <br><br> [1] Eli Leon ~ artist. 2022. Online:<br> [2] BAMPFA. From the Estate of Eli Leon: Textile Improvisations. Online: "