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4832Early view of Kronstadt, Kotlin Island, and St. Petersburg, Russia.DetailsLimiers, Henri Philipp de1721
Fine etched view of Kronstadt and St. Petersburg, Russia
Limiers, Henri Philipp de
$265.00Limiers--Henri-Philipp-deFine-etched-view-of-Kronstadt-and-St--Petersburg--RussiaEarly original engraved view of fortifications of Kronstadt (Cronstadt), Russia which Peter the Great founded on Kotlin (Retusari) Island in winter 1704 during the Great Northern War. Kotlin Island separates Neva Bay from the rest of the Gulf of Finland. <br></br> Despite the frigid conditions Imperial Russian forces quickly erected fortifications on the island: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> Under the command of Governor-general … Menshikov, workers used thousands of frames made of oak logs filled with stones which were carried by horses across the frozen sea, and placed in cuttings made in the ice. Thus, several new small islands were created, and forts were erected on them, virtually closing access to Saint-Petersburg by sea. Only two narrow navigable channels remained, with forts guarding them. (Online: </div> <br/> A few of the major features on this antique view of St. Petersburg may be identified by letter: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>A- St. Petersburg, Russia</li> <li>C - Kotlin Island (Retusari)</li> <li>D- Kronstadt Fortifications</li> </ul> </div> From "Histoire de Suede sous le Regne de Charles XII" by Limiers. Published from Amsterdam by Jansons & Waesberge. Tome 4. Page 188. <br></br> This view predates Bodenher's later, derivative print "Prospect von S. Petersgurg und der Insul Retusari" by 14 years.