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987Small birds-eye view of Buarcos, Portugal by Daniel Meisner.DetailsMeisner, Daniel1637
Antique birds-eye view of Buarcos, Portugal
Meisner, Daniel
$120.00Meisner--DanielAntique-birds-eye-view-of-Buarcos--PortugalSmall birds-eye view of Buarcos, Portugal by Daniel Meisner from 1637. Buarcos was a fishing village and is now a key beach resort, approximately 30 miles west of Coimbra, Portugal. From Meisner's famous emblematic atlas of the European (and a few foreign) cities. This view is a combination of two popular genres - the Emblem Book and the Book of Town Plans, e.g. the Civitates of Braun and Hogenberg. <br></br> Here Meisner's Latin and German verses echo the motto "Dum Non Collidamini" (So long as they don't collide) describing the usefulness of earthenware jars but the peril of breaking if they are banged together, thus the imagery of the two jars floating downstream. The metaphor is extended to interpersonal relations for the man and the woman seek to avoid "collisions" as well.