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410Fine engraving of the Phlegraean Fields near Pozzuoli by MorghenDetailsMorghen, Filippo1766
Pianta del Cratere
Morghen, Filippo
$190.00Morghen--FilippoPianta-del-Cratere18th century scarce copperplate engraved plan of the Phlegraean Fields (Campi Flegrei) near Pozzuoli west of Naples, Italy by Florentine artist Filippo Morghen in his "Views of Ruins in the Environs of Naples". <BR> </BR> Noted geographic features include Capo di Posilipo, Miseno, Campana, Bacoli, Mare Morto, Lago Fusaro, Cuma, and Lago di Patria. This finely engraved plan contains inset plans of grottos in the vicinity including Grotta a Miseno, Grotta Lago Averno, and the Grotta a Cuma Superiore and Grotta a Cuma Inferiore. These geographical features and inset items and many more are among the 40 places of interest denoted by numbers on the plan and explained in a legend at the bottom of the engraving. Number 1. "Anno 1766".