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1162Antique schedule for the Iron Steamboat Company of New Jersey.DetailsNew York and Sea Beach Railroad1881
Antique Schedule for the New York and Sea Beach Railroad
New York and Sea Beach Railroad
$90.00New-York-and-Sea-Beach-RailroadAntique-Schedule-for-the-New-York-and-Sea-Beach-RailroadScarce antique folding trade card / schedule for 1881, the inaugural year for service by Iron Steamboat to Coney Island. With a purple ink hand-stamp: <b>"1881. IRON BOATS. 1881."</b>. Front cover contains a drawing of Sea Beach Palace, the terminus of the New York and Sea Beach Railroad at <b>Coney Island</b>. Back cover with a colorful scene of Bay Ridge Landing with the steamboat "Idlewild" docked. <br></br> The <b>Iron Steamboat Company of New Jersey</b> (1881-1932) provided ferry service between Manhattan and Coney Island in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The original fleet consisted of seven iron-hulled, multi-deck, coal-fired sidewheel steamboats, divided into twelve watertight compartments. Each boat was named after a constellation--the Cygnus, the Cepheus, the Cetus, the Pegasus, the Perseus, the Sirius and the Taurus. An early advertisement for the fleet boasted "They Cannot Burn – They Will Not Sink". (Cudahy, Brian J.<a href="" target="_blank"> "How we Got to Coney Island". </a>Fordham University Press. 2002.) <br></br> Folded card with 4 sections. Printed by Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, New York.