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6711Pictorial map of Carteret County, NC by Newton from 1952.DetailsNewton, Art1952
Outer Banks Pictorial Map Carteret County North Carolina
Newton, Art
$250.00Newton--ArtOuter-Banks-Pictorial-Map-Carteret-County-North-CarolinaRare pictorial post-war map of Carteret County, North Carolina and the Outer Banks. Inset large-scale map of Bogue Sound and the coast near Morehead City and Beaufort, NC. Found on the verso of a two-sided 12-panel folding brochure. Designed by Art Newton and published by Celeste Gold in 1952. Printed by Wilmington Printing Company. <br> A few of the key features that Newton included are: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"></li> <li>Copeland's salt water fishing pond</li> <li>Edgewater Lodge</li> <li>Fort Macon State Park</li> <li>Hummock House</li> <li>Ocracoke Lighthouse</li> <li>Mailboat Atlantic to Ocracoke</li> <li>Cedar Island pier fishing</li> <li>Cape Lookout Lighthouse</li> </ul> </div>