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5336Antique engraving of the port and city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.DetailsNiebuhr, Carsten1775
Antique plan of the port of Jeddah Saudi Arabia
Niebuhr, Carsten
$375.00Niebuhr--CarstenAntique-plan-of-the-port-of-Jeddah-Saudi-ArabiaVery scarce antique copper engraving of the port and city of <b>Jeddah (Dsjidda), Saudi Arabia.</b> The plan is after the travels to the Middle East and India of German explorer Carsten Niebuhr. Niebuhr himself conducted the survey of Jeddah of which this is a record. The plan of Jeddah has both topographic and hydrographic details with numerous soundings and sandbanks reflecting an extensive, time-consuming survey of the port and harbor of Jeddah. North oriented to bottom right. <br></br> With a population currently estimated at 4.2 million persons, Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah Province, the largest sea port on the Red Sea, and the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia. <br></br> <b>Carsten Niebuhr</b> (1733-1815), a military surveyor, was the only survivor of the six-member Royal Danish Expedition to Arabia that departed the city of Copenhagen in 1761 at the request of Danish King Frederick V. In addition to Jeddah the expedition visited Istanbul, Cairo, Bombay, Basra, Baghdad, Aleppo, Mokka, Alexandria and other middle eastern sites. Returning alone to Copenhagen in November 1767, Niebuhr spent the next few years writing an extensive account of the expedition's travels in four volumes including <i>Beschreibung von Arabien</i> in 1772. Plate 18.