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1397Planning commission map of Norfolk in the Commonwealth of VirginiaDetailsNorfolk City Planning Commission1924
Large 1921 Planning Commission Map of Norfolk, Virginia and Vicinity
Norfolk City Planning Commission
$1,750.00Norfolk-City-Planning-CommissionLarge-1921-Planning-Commission-Map-of-Norfolk--Virginia-and-VicinityImpressive huge lithographed folding map of Norfolk in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Boundary lines mark the city's boundary with Norfolk County and to its east Norfolk County's boundary with Princess Anne County. This 1924 edition is the first revision of the original 1921 Norfolk City Planning Commission map (other revisions were in 1928 and 1939). Compiled by Paul F. Mueller C.E., who worked for Sanborn Map Co. until 1906. (Norfolk Virginia: Evolution of a City in Maps. Berent, Irwin M. Norfolk History Publihers. 2013. pp. 23-25. <a href=",+City+Planning+Commission+map+1921&source=bl&ots=BHr35I7PFg&sig=qOBa1pA-rTOpTKgYZ26zxMS-_3w&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjE_L-p5oTYAhVR1IMKHSIWCXEQ6AEIRzAJ#v=onepage&q=Norfolk%20and%20Vicinity%2C%20City%20Planning%20Commission%20map%201921&f=false" target="_blank">Online.</a>) <br></br> Numerous printed notes of historical interest, for example: "Near this spot was the "Mother Church" of Elizabeth River Parish. See Book 4, Page 175, 3 January 1684." Key features on this map include Willoughby Bay, Boush Creek, Mason Creek, Little Creek, Elizabeth River, Lafayette River, Craney Island, and Port Norfolk. <br></br> Pencil annotation for Ward's Corner. <br></br> Norfolk is located at the heart of the Hampton Roads metro area. Named for the large natural harbor of the same name located at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk It is one of nine cities and seven counties that constitute the Hampton Roads metro area. The city has a long history as a military and transportation hub. The largest Navy base in the world, Naval Station Norfolk, is located in Norfolk, Va. <br></br> With label for C.S. Wertsner & Sons, Maps and Mounting, 50 North 13th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Lithographed by A. Hoen and Co., Baltimore.