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1036Antique blueback chart of the Brazilian Coast by Norie from 1830.DetailsNorie, J.W.1836
Huge 1830 Blueback Chart of the Coast of Brazil
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-Huge-1830-Blueback-Chart-of-the-Coast-of-BrazilSOLD <br></br> Spectacular six foot long antique blueback chart of the Brazilian Coast from 1836 first published in 1830. Updated with significant revisions based on of a chart by Steel & Co. in 1817. Contains nine attractive coastal elevation views and numerous inset harbor charts including: <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul> <span style= style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>The Bay of Maranham</li> <li>The Harbour of Pernambuco</li> <li>The Harbour of Rio Grande</li> <li> A Plan of the Harbour of Rio Janeiro </li> <li>A Plan of Santos Harbor</li> <li>The Bay of Espirito Santo</li> <li> Plan of the ABROLHOS with the Track of Baron Roussin</li> <li>Plan of Bahia of the Bay of All Saints</li> <li>The Island of Fernand de Noronha</li> </span> </ul> </div> Attribution reads: " London, Published as the Act directs by J.W. Norie and Company August 24, 1830 at the Navigation Warehouse and Naval Academy, Number 157 Leadenhall Street.
110Old maritime nautical book by J.W. NorieDetailsNorie, J.W.1840
A Complete Epitome of Practical Navigation
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-A-Complete-Epitome-of-Practical-NavigationSOLD <BR> </BR> Twelfth edition of this British nautical standard.
213Antique maritime nautical book: sailing directions for Spain, PortugalDetailsNorie, J.W.1845
Sailing Directions for the Coasts of Spain and Portugal
Norie, J.W.
$0.00Norie--J-W-Sailing-Directions-for-the-Coasts-of-Spain-and-PortugalSOLD<br></br> Small scarce 42 page booklet of sailing directions for the West coasts of Spain and Portugal compiled by J.W. Norie and published by Charles Wilson in 1845. Paper covers. Fascinating reading. With one and one half pages plus rear cover listing charts for sale with prices. Front cover contains signature of Sewell Strout, quite possibly Sewell Cushing Strout of Bridgton, Maine who served as an Associate Justice on the Maine Supreme Court (d. 1914).