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5486Propagandistic use of a world map by the Communist Party.DetailsRevolutionary Worker1991
Communist Party protest cover poster cartographic propaganda
Revolutionary Worker
$325.00Revolutionary-WorkerCommunist-Party-protest-cover-poster-cartographic-propagandaSlogan-oriented cover from Revolutionary Worker, a publication "Voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA." Scarce late 20th-century Communist propaganda (1991) depicting the "Rulers of America" as pigs. <br></br> Another propagandistic use of a world map with North America depicted tilted aggressively to the east as Russia tilts west in the direction of the U.S.A., a distortion permitted by the unusual projection of the world enabled by the map's use of map as tablecloth metaphor. Tumbling pigs to right disguise the true intent of this 1991 International Workers Day cover. Handcuffs, cash, missiles, jets, and artillery pieces represent the existing Racists and Rambo-Americans, Rulers of America: <strong>It's all going to fall on you!</strong>" <br></br> <div id="Centered", Margin: 30px; /><br> Downcasts,<br> Slaves,<br> Illegals,<br> And Rebels:<br> It's right to rebel!<br>