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303Rigaud engraving of the galley (ship) festival in Marseilles, FranceDetailsRigaud, Jacques1720
Feste des Galeres dans le Port de Marseille
Rigaud, Jacques
$750.00Rigaud--JacquesFeste-des-Galeres-dans-le-Port-de-MarseilleBeautiful early 18th century antique copperplate engraving of the Feste des Galeres (Galère, Fr.) (Galley Festival) held annually in Marseilles, France which was the home port of the Galley Corps during the reign of Louis XIV and Louis XV. At the time this engraving was produced the Galley Corps was in decline but the pomp and grandeur continued. The print shows several dozen galleys, moored stern-first as is the custom in that area, firing a tribute from cannon. The work is full of minute details of the festivities on shore among the onlookers and participants. <BR> </BR> Jacques Rigaud (1680-1754) was a French draftsman, artist, and engraver who worked for a time at the Arsenal in Marseille, home to the galley fleet. His first known work is "The View from the Fortress of Toulon" published in 1707. Rigaud was in Marseille during the great plague of 1720 and is well known for his prints of that event as well as for his series of engravings of the royal houses of France. Plate 3.