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589Antique map of the Scheldt River from Flushing to AntwerpDetailsStratford, J.1810
Sketch of the River Scheldt from Flushing to Antwerp
Stratford, J.
$165.00Stratford--J-Sketch-of-the-River-Scheldt-from-Flushing-to-AntwerpDetailed. antique hydrographic map or chart of a portion of the Scheldt (Escaut) River. After the earlier work by French hydrographer Beautemps Beaupre. Named features include: Antwerp, Ft. Kruys Schans, Ft. St. Philip, Ft. Maria, Ft. Liefkenshoek, Ft. Rammekins, Fort Lillo, Ter Neuse, Santvliet, Biervliet, Middleburg, and Flushing. Numerous soundings (in feet), lighthouses, sand banks, forts and defensive structures are noted. <br></br> The antique chart is dated within as published March 24, 1810. Paper carries watermark of "1806". London. J. Stratford No. 112 Holborn Hill.