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5473Rare, 1969 anti-war protest poster with SE Asia map.DetailsStudent Mobilization Committee1971
Very rare persuasive 1971 antiwar poster with outline map of southeast Asia
Student Mobilization Committee
$475.00Student-Mobilization-CommitteeVery-rare-persuasive-1971-antiwar-poster-with-outline-map-of-southeast-AsiaRare, student-led anti-war protest poster on card stock with an outline map of SE Asian countries promoting two anti-war activities: A "Student Strike" on November 3 and a "March on Boston" planned for November 6 [1971] . <br></br> The text for the Strike and the March are both overlaid on top of an outline image of a map of SE Asia including the countries of North and South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia each filled with the letters "USA", "USA", "USA". <br></br> No holdings of this poster are found online. <br></br> The two protest activities were organized by the Student Mobilization Committee (SMC). 15 Sellers Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. <div class="indenttextblocksingle">"The Student Mobilization Committee was formed in 1966 “to coordinate opposition to U.S. involvement in the war in Vietnam among college and high school students.” Originally named The Vietnam Day Committee the SMC organized protests on campuses and in cities in addition to being one of the first groups that included civilians and soldiers alike. Based on a letter from 1969, the SMC had centers in 15 cities around the country but began to disband, like many anti-Vietnam groups in the early 1970s (1973) in conjunction with the U.S. beginning to withdrawing troops from Vietnam." (Brown University, Hall-Hoag Collection. 2015. Online) </div>