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6787Silicon Valley Historical Perspective Map for 1998.DetailsThe Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar1998
Silicon Valley Historical Perspective Calendar Labeled Map
The Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar
$295.00The-Original-Silicon-Valley-Map-and-CalendarSilicon-Valley-Historical-Perspective-Calendar-Labeled-MapA sponsored calendar listing notable events for the 100 sponsoring firms in the Santa Clara Valley, Silicon Valley, California. Events range over a period from 1891 when Leland Stanford Jr. University opened near Palo Alto, through 1998 when Hexcel Corporation celebrated its 50th anniversary. Satellite photomap of Silicon Valley labeled with a numerical index sourced from the event table at right. <br><br> With large advertisement for the map's primary sponsor, Computer Literacy, that offered "computer and electronics books and related services to its customers through its retail stores and online." <br><br> Copyright 1997 by The Original Silicon Valley Map and Calendar a division of Amen International, San Jose California. Designed by OnTarget and printed by Benjamin Litho. <br><br> Other key events include: <div class="indenttextblocksingle"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>1970 | Xerox Palo Alto Research Center is founded.</li> <li>1976 | Wozniak and Jobs found Apple Computer.</li> <li>1981 | IBM introduces the first IBM PC.</li> <li>1987 | Microsoft PowerPoint introduced.</li> <li>1995 | Sun Microsystems introduces Java.</li> <li>1997 | Apple acquires Next with Steve Jobs.</li> </ul> </div>