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1188Antique U.S. Postal Service map of Washington State.DetailsUS Post Office Department1903
Rare Post Route Map of the State of Washington
US Post Office Department
$1,500.00US-Post-Office-DepartmentRare-Post-Route-Map-of-the-State-of-WashingtonRare official U.S. Postal Service map of Washington State, complete with an oval vignette of a Pony Express rider and a steam locomotive with the motto of the US Post Office--"with Celerity, Certainty and Security". A rolled map with no folds. Should frame brilliantly. <br></br> Legend at bottoms shows "Explanation of Mail Service." keyed to colored lines on the map showing frequency of delivery. Also noted are railroads, beginning and end of delivery routes, mail messenger routes, Post Offices, discontinued Post Offices, and rural free delivery (RFD) routes. <br></br> Published September 1903 by order of Postmaster General Henry C. Payne, under the direction of A. von Haake, Topographer P.O. Department.