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858Antique elevation view of Pensacola, Florida ca. 1764.DetailsUniversal Magazine1764
Antique engraved elevation view of Pensacola, Florida
Universal Magazine
$360.00Universal-MagazineAntique-engraved-elevation-view-of-Pensacola--FloridaAntique elevation view of Pensacola, Florida and the very few structures that existed 250 years ago just after the end of Spanish rule over the city. A legend at bottom is keyed to six locations on the view including: 1. The Fort. 2. The Church. 3. The Governor's House. 4. The Commandant's House. 5. A Well. 6. A Bungo. (A bungo was a type of boat or canoe used in the southern United States made of a hollowed-out tree.) <br></br> This engraving is the earliest available printed view of Pensacola and comes from the January 1764 issue of the Universal Magazine. After Dominic Serres (1719-1793), a French-born painter primarily of nautical or maritime subjects. Serres was assigned to the Brtitish expedition to capture Havana, led by Admiral Sir George Pocock. It is possible that Serres visited Pensacola during that cruise.