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1459Decorative antique map of the Caribbean Islands by Zatta.DetailsZatta, Antonio1785
French, English and Spanish Islands in the Caribbean Sea
Zatta, Antonio
$425.00Zatta--AntonioFrench--English-and-Spanish-Islands-in-the-Caribbean-SeaFine antique decorative map of the Caribbean Islands "Arcipelago delle Antille" with a beautiful and colorful title cartouche published from Venice, Italy. Shows Florida as an archipelago of islands. Antonio Zatta issued this attractive antique engraving in his "Atlante Novissimo" in 1785.
3601A decorative map of Jamaica drawn as though on a scroll.DetailsZatta, Antonio1788
Splendid antique map of Jamaica divided into parishes
Zatta, Antonio
$400.00Zatta--AntonioSplendid-antique-map-of-Jamaica-divided-into-parishesAntique, hand-colored engraving, a decorative map of Jamaica drawn as though on a scroll, published in Antonio Zatta's 'Atlante Novissimo' as sheet IX in his twelve-sheet map of North America. With many engraved place names, rivers, mountains, etc. The island of Jamaica is divided into eighteen parishes including Portland, San Andrea, San Elisabet, and Westmoreland . Numerous place names, all in Italian. <br></br> Folio 9. Large compass rose.