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5144Map of the Florida Keys ca. 1940 from first motel in Key West.DetailsZorsky, Joseph1940
Map from Cactus Terrace Cottages First Motel in Key West
Zorsky, Joseph
$95.00Zorsky--JosephMap-from-Cactus-Terrace-Cottages-First-Motel-in-Key-WestMap of the Florida Keys ca. 1940 from Cactus Terrace Cottages and Motel which was the first motel built in Key West, in the 1930's. The Cactus Terrace was located on Highway 1 across from the Catholic Church. With a larger scale inset map showing roads and location of the motel on the island of Key West. <br></br> In the 1930's Joseph Zorsky (1894 - 1971) founded the Cactus Terrace Motor Court on land that formerly contained Key West Mayor Walter Maloney's fruit orchard, as well as the historic Maloney House, built in 1854.. In 1971 Zorsky was killed during a robbery attempt and eventually the property was renamed Key Lime Village (now Key Lime Inn). <br></br> Verso with faint half-tone images of the hotel and properties which include an early bird's-eye photograph of the Cactus Terrace Motel and of "the largest collection of cactus east of the Mississippi."