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1079Scarce 1622 map of Central America including Costa Rica.DetailsHerrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de1622
Scarce 1622 map of Central America including Costa Rica
Herrera y Tordesillas, Antonio de
$600.00Herrera-y-Tordesillas--Antonio-deScarce-1622-map-of-Central-America-including-Costa-RicaScarce map of the "Audiencia" or province of "Guatimala", then comprised of southern Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, <b>Costa Rica</b>,; and Belize. By Spanish court historian <b>Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas</b> (1549-1625) in his history of America "Novus Orbis, sive Descrptio Indiae Occidentalis." <br></br> Some of the locations noted on the map include: the Gulf of Fonseca, San Miguel, San Salvador, Santiago de Guatemala, Chiapa de Corzo, Soconusco, the Gulf of Honduras, Puerto Cortes (Puerto de Caballos); Trujillo; and the islands of Coiba and Cébaco, Panama. <br></br> In Costa Rica, Herrera y Tordesillas identifies among other features: Nicoya, Isla de Chira, Cartago (16 mi. east of San Jose), and El Castillo (near the Arenal volcano). <br></br> Simple outline map with greater emphasis on identifying rivers, near offshore islands, and coastal features. The lack of any great detail on this map reflects the official policy of protecting Spanish knowledge of the New World. <br></br> Plate number 6. Uncolored.