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4727Coming Soon!DetailsPorcacchi, Tomasso1572
Very old antique map of Rhodes, Greece
Porcacchi, Tomasso
$275.00Porcacchi--TomassoVery-old-antique-map-of-Rhodes--GreeceAuthentic copperplate-engraved antique map (1572) of the Greek Dodecanese island of Rhodes (Rhodi) engraved by Girolamo Porro and drawn by Tomasso Porcacchi. Numerous fantastical sea serpents and monstrous fishes fill empty areas in the finely stippled seas. A few of the key features include smaller islands of Carchi, Limona, San Nicolo, and Tranquilla. Detail in the interior of Rhodes includes towns or villages of Villanova, Camira, Aganca, Zalfo, Sorini, Fiando, Rufarcangeli Farado, and more. The port of Rhodes or Rhodos is shown surrounded by fortified walls with several guard towers. <br></br> Printed in Tomasso Porcacchi's "Isolario" or island book "L'Isol Piu Famose Del Mondo". That work contains a number of finely engraved maps of islands and the continents at a reduced scale. Porcacchi (1530-1585) was born in Tuscany to a poor family and first settled in Florence. He wrote about history, geography, and archaeology and later published the Isolario from Venice, Italy in three editions beginning in 1572.
4741Coming Soon!DetailsLangenes, Barent1598
Rare antique map of Mozambique Island, Mozambique
Langenes, Barent
$150.00Langenes--BarentRare-antique-map-of-Mozambique-Island--MozambiqueVery fine early miniature map of <b>Mozambique Island</b>, nearby the coast of Mozambique between the Mozambique Channel and Mossuril Bay. Prior to 1898, Mozambique Island was the capital of colonial Portuguese East Africa. There the Portuguese established a port in 1507 and built the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Baluarte in 1522, now considered the oldest European building in the Southern Hemisphere. North is oriented to the right. <br></br> Title cartouche on the upper right side. Two anchored ships and three men fishing with a seine on a small boat are depicted. Latin text on verso. Page 498.
4750Coming Soon!DetailsBertius, Petrus1603
16th century map of Malta
Bertius, Petrus
$380.00Bertius--Petrus16th-century-map-of-MaltaAttractive antique copper engraved map of the island of Malta (Melita), by Petrus Bertius (d. 1629), a Flemish geographer and cartographer. Contains a small vignette of St.Paul's shipwreck on the north of the island. <br></br> From "Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri Quinque", the finest and most important edition of the "Caert Thresoor", the famous miniature atlas of Barent Langenes, 1598. <br></br> The map is engraved by Petrus Koerius , or Pieter Van Den Keere (1571-1646). Amsterdam: Cornelium Nicolai; Latin edition of 1603.
149Coming Soon!DetailsTassin, Christophe Nicholas1636
Tour de Corduan
Tassin, Christophe Nicholas
$350.00Tassin--Christophe-NicholasTour-de-Corduan<b>A recommended item</b> for any collector of maritime, lighthouse, or nautical antiques. Should appeal to collectors of coastal charts of France. Very unusual and quite interesting engraving from Tassin who produced almost exclusively charts and plans of the French coast and little else. <br></br> Extremely scarce antique view of the lighthouse "Tower of Corduan" ca. 1636 after an earlier work by Claude Châtillon in 1612. The "Tour de Corduan" is the oldest lighthouse in France and one of the oldest lighthouses in the world. The structure was completed in 1611, more than 35 years after its intial design by Louis de Foix. <br></br> Sometimes called the King of Lighthouses because of its large size and extravagant construction details, Le Phare Corduan marks the entrance to the Gironde river near Royan, France. As is common with Tassin engravings numerous sailing vessels are shown offshore the lighthouse, with one firing a blast from its cannon. <br></br> Published in the small-sized atlas "Les Plans et profils de toutes les principales villes et lieux considerables de France" by Christophe Nicholas Tassin (d. 1660) . Tassin's background was as a military engineer, and he is best known for his nautical atlas of 30 sheets, dedicated to Richelieu, documenting France's coastline. Tassin's work contains topographic maps, often of militarily important sites, either sketched on site, composed from firsthand drawings by military engineers, or sometimes borrowed from other mapmakers.
1481Coming Soon!DetailsBlaeu, Johannes1645
North Polar Region or Regiones Sub Polo Arctico
Blaeu, Johannes
$1,900.00Blaeu--JohannesNorth-Polar-Region-or-Regiones-Sub-Polo-ArcticoBeautiful engraved map of the North Polar region with fine color. With rhumb lines radiating from the North Pole, a large title cartouche, two figures and numerous wind heads, compass roses, ships and an additional vignette of explorers. Arctic animals shown include a polar bear and foxes. With Backer's coat-of-arms in "Nova Britannia." French text on verso regarding the "Pole Arctique". <br></br> Blaeu's map of the North Pole region is a close copy of Jansson's Nova et Accurata Poli Artici based on the arctic map of Barentsz, Baffin, and others. This is state two of the map with Willem Backer's coat-of-arms.
4742Coming Soon!DetailsAnonymous1680
Antique engraving of the bombardment of St. Malo France
$150.00AnonymousAntique-engraving-of-the-bombardment-of-St--Malo-FranceAnonymous antique engraved print of the bombardment of St. Malo, France, probably during the 17th century. Decorative unusual copper engraved map ca. 1680 showing a naval siege of Saint-Malo, France. The plate show the city with its buildings, churches, harbor and town walls. Inset showing a warship "Das Machine Schiff" (probably a bomb vessel). Verso blank.
4728Coming Soon!DetailsAdair, John1693
Very Rare Antique Chart of Montrose, Angus, Scotland
Adair, John
$1,950.00Adair--JohnVery-Rare-Antique-Chart-of-Montrose--Angus--ScotlandOriginal antique navigation chart of Montrose (Montross), Scotland by civilian marine surveyor and cartographer John Adair (1655 - 1722). Maps by Adair seldom are found for sale. <br></br> Adair was the foremost surveyor of Scotland in the late 1600s, and was appointed to conduct a hydrographical survey of the Scottish coast by a special act of Scottish Parliament to be funded by a tax on vessels entering Scottish ports. The tax proved unpopular and Adair's survey was underfunded and slow in progress. Thus, this chart, engraved in 1693, was not printed until 10 years later in 1703. <br></br> Montrose lies along the eastern coast of Scotland about 50 miles north of Dundee. The chart includes small images of local fishing vessels. <br></br> This rare chart of the Scottish coast, although compiled and engraved in 1693, was published in 1703 along with 5 other charts in Adair's rare sea atlas "The Description of the Sea- Coast and Islands of Scotland With Large and Exact Maps, for the Use of Seamen" [1]. These other charts in Adair's atlas are titled as below: <div class="indenttextblock"> 1) General chart of Scotland made on a voyage by James the Fifth.</BR> 2) St. Abb's Head to Sunderland Point.</BR> 3) Firth of Forth.</BR> 4) Frith and River Tay.</BR> 5) Red Head to Aberdeen including Montrose.</BR> </div> </BR> The AMPR shows no record of this chart sold individually and records only one copy of Adair's atlas sold (2010). <br></br> [1] Robinson, A.H.W. 'Marine Cartography in Britain'. Leicester University Press. 1962. pp. 162; .
4744Coming Soon!DetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1706
Coronelli's port plan of Toulon, France
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$225.00Coronelli--VincenzoCoronelli-s-port-plan-of-Toulon--FranceA fine and rare engraved chart from Coronelli's "Teatro della Guerra" with a plan of Toulon, France along the northern Mediteranean coast. This nice antique engraved chart shows two distinct anchorages for ships: "Porto per i Vascelli de Re" for the King's vessels and "Porto per i Vascelli di Mercanzia" for merchant vessels. The small town of Tolon (Toulon) is shown heavily fortified with then-modern Vauban style walls. <br></br> This small well-engraved antique chart is from Coronelli's Teatro della Guerra. TEATRO DELLA GUERRA, DIVISO IN XXXXVIII. PARTI, IN CUI SONO ESATTAMENTE DELINEATI, E COMPENDIOSAMENTE DESCRITTI SIN L'ANNO M.DCC. NAPLES, 1706. (See also our smaller-scale chart of the entire Toulon harbor by Coronelli). Page 8. <br></br> Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718), is considered as one of Italy's most famous and greatest cartographers and cosmographers to the Republic of Venice.
4745Coming Soon!DetailsCoronelli, Vincenzo1706
Coronelli's plan of the bay and harbor at Toulon, France
Coronelli, Vincenzo
$270.00Coronelli--VincenzoCoronelli-s-plan-of-the-bay-and-harbor-at-Toulon--FranceAttractive antique engraved chart from Coronelli's "Teatro della Guerra" with a harbor chart of Tolon (Toulon), France along the northern Mediteranean coast. Numerous depth soundings criss-cross the bay, reflecting several surveys. Little named detail. <br></br> This small well-engraved antique chart is from the "Teatro della Guerra." TEATRO DELLA GUERRA, DIVISO IN XXXXVIII. PARTI, IN CUI SONO ESATTAMENTE DELINEATI, E COMPENDIOSAMENTE DESCRITTI SIN L'ANNO M.DCC. NAPLES, 1706. (See also our larger-scale port plan of the town of Toulon by Coronelli). Page 7. <br></br> Vincenzo Maria Coronelli (1650-1718), is considered as one of Italy's most famous and greatest cartographers and cosmographers to the Republic of Venice.
4755Coming Soon!DetailsJansson, Jan1720
Fine pair (2) of antique maps of North Wales and South Wales.
Jansson, Jan
$1,100.00Jansson--JanFine-pair-(2)-of-antique-maps-of-North-Wales-and-South-Wales-Pair of beautiful antique maps of North and South Wales in the United Kingdom ca. 1720. Fine condition. Both maps are filled with charming pictorial topography describing forests, cities, and mountains. Published in Amsterdam by Pieter Schenk and Gerard Valk after Joannes Janssonius (Jan Jansson). <br></br> Locations within Wales include Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Pembroke, Brecon, Cardingan, Radnor in South Wales and Snowdown Hill (Snowdon) in North Wales, the highest mountain in the country. Both maps are adorned with superb engraved aquatic cartouches adorned with putti, coats of arms and sailing ships. Blank verso. Attribution at bottom to Shenk and Valk, Amsterdam, publishers.
4730Coming Soon!DetailsRenneville, René Augustin Constantin de1725
Cote Meridionale de la Terre del Fuego
Renneville, René Augustin Constantin de
$165.00Renneville--René-Augustin-Constantin-deCote-Meridionale-de-la-Terre-del-FuegoSmall antique chart of the southern Argentine portion of Tierra de Fuego, <b>Le Maire Strait</b> (about 18 miles in width), and Staten Island (Spanish: Isla de los Estados ). Key features include Mauritius Landt, Valentyns Bay, Isle de Diego Ramirez, Barneveldo Eylanden, and Withonds Bay. Tierra de Fuego is separated from the Argentine mainland by the Strait of Magellan. <br></br> From the French reissue of the account of early Dutch voyages first published in 1608 by Commelin: "Recueil des Voiages qui ont servi à l'établissement et aux progès de la Compagnie des Indes Orientales. <br></br> The French translation was by René Augustin Constantin de Renneville a 17th-century French author known for his works on the Inquisition, French Revolution, geography and religion. Recueil des Voyages was a multi-volume work about world voyages featuring full-page and folding engravings of landmarks, people, cultures as well as views and maps. <br></br> Amsterdam. Tome 9. Page 40. Dutch placenames and a French title. <br></br> In Richard Henry Dana Jr.'s book "Two Years Before the Mast" Staten Island is the first land seen from the ship after leaving San Diego. Dana describes the land as <div class="indenttextblock"> ". . . bare, broken, and girt with rocks and ice, with here and there, between rocks and broken hillocks, a little stunted vegetation of shrubs. . ." </div> A breeding colony of the Magellanic penguin is found in the Le Maire Strait on Isla de los Estados.
4694Coming Soon!DetailsAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1752
Carte De La Louisiane
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'
$1,250.00Anville--Jean-Baptiste-Bourguignon-d-Carte-De-La-LouisianeLarge, scarce antique map by d'Anville of the lower Mississippi, the Arkansas, the Red, the Osage, and lower Missouri rivers as well as much of the coast bordering on the Gulf of Mexico. States included in this copperplate-engraved French antique map are Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. <br></br> Large inset map of the Mississippi River system including the Illinois and Missouri Rivers with several french forts. Identifies locations of numerous native American Indian settlements including the Metchigamias, Caskakias, Osage, Kansez, Tapouchas, Chacchoumas, and Petits Akansas. The town of St. Louis, Missouri, not founded until 1763, is not shown but two references to the Cahokia Indians including an "Ancien Village des Caho." are identified. <br></br> This two-sheet map is sometimes found in separate sheets but here both sheets are joined together resulting in a large 37" wide image. <br></br> Points of interest include New Orleans, Pasagoula, Mobile, and Pensacola Bay (Baye de Ste. Marie de Galbes), and St. Josephs Bay.
1475Coming Soon!DetailsHuquier Fils.1760
Antique vue d'optique of the Port of Beijing Pekin, China
Huquier Fils.
$320.00Huquier-Fils-Antique-vue-d-optique-of-the-Port-of-Beijing-Pekin--ChinaScarce French vue d'optique or optical print ca. 1760 of the Port of Pekin or Beijing, China. Engraved by the sons of Jacques Gabriel Huquier. In the foreground of this colorful original antique engraving numerous covered boats are unloaded by a variety of workers dressed in colorful native apparel. <br></br> Attribution at bottom reads "A Paris ches Huquier Fils, Graveur rue St. Jacques, au Grand St. Remy." Jacques Gabriel Huquier (1725 - 1805) was an engraver and printseller located at Rue St. Jacques in Paris, France. Jacques-Gabriel fils was the son of J. Gabriel Huquier, also a printseller and engraver who worked from the same address. According to Jeffares, Jacques-Gabriel Huquier made a fortuitous marriage in 1758: <div class="indenttextblock">"[J.G. Huquier] married Anne-Louise, the daughter of the engraver Jacques Chéreau. She brought a dowry of 10,000 livres, mostly in stock in the business at rue Saint-Jacques, “au Grand Saint-Rémy”, and for the next three years with Huquier fils and Chéreau collaborated as engravers and printsellers." (Source : </div> By 1772 Huquier had abandoned his family and emigrated to England. Screenplay in progress.
4758Coming Soon!DetailsGibson, John1761
A Plan of the City of Philadelphia, with the Country Adjacent
Gibson, John
$295.00Gibson--JohnA-Plan-of-the-City-of-Philadelphia--with-the-Country-AdjacentEarly plan of Philadelphia laid out on a grid between the Delaware River and the Schuylkill River. John Gibson engraved this fine original after Scull & Heap's smaller-scale plan of June, 1752 - "Plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia". Numerous homes are identified by name: Maddox, Plumsted, Pemberton, Rouse, Campbell and more. Shows the locations of two ferry's including Daniel Cooper's Ferry <br></br> A fine gift for anyone with an interest in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or early colonial history. Volume 5. Page 20. <br></br> Gibson's plan though small, focuses on the city and omits the environs. Gibson has engraved the earliest affordable plan of Philadelphia pre-dating Bellin's work of 1764 by three years. Gibson's engraving clearly predates Faden's later revised edition (1771) of the Scull and Heap plan of Philadelphia. Scull and Heap show the city clearly with the Battery not yet demolished and lacking the numerous additional lots that Faden shows creeping outward near the Delaware River (see red circles). <img src="/PageImages/c_JCB_Philadelphia_Faden_1771.jpg" alt="Fadens Edition Of Sculls Map" align="top" width="200">
4740Coming Soon!DetailsBellin, Jacques Nicolas1763
Chart Western Hemisphere Petit Altas Maritime
Bellin, Jacques Nicolas
$675.00Bellin--Jacques-NicolasChart-Western-Hemisphere-Petit-Altas-MaritimeFine authentic antique chart (12" x 18") of the Western Hemisphere by Jacques Nicolas Bellin: "Carte de l'Amerique et des Mers Voisines." This scarce copper-plate engraving is from Bellin's "Le Petit Atlas Maritime." Includes North America, South America, west Europe and Africa. Dated within to 1763.
4725Coming Soon!DetailsTurner, Richard (Rev.)1799
Antique Miniature Map of Asia
Turner, Richard (Rev.)
$95.00Turner--Richard-(Rev-)Antique-Miniature-Map-of-AsiaAntique miniature map of Asia by Turner. Includes India, Tibet, China, Japan, Arabia, Persia, Siberia, New Britain, and the Philippine Islands. Hand colored on paper with watermark. <br></br> From one of the smallest geographical atlases issued in the 18th century: <b>A New and Easy Introduction to Universal Geography</b>. First issued in 1794. Reverend Richard Turner's most successful publication went through at least 11 editions. Verso blank. <br></br> Within Letter XXIII of Turner's Universal Geography the author introduces the reader to the geography, dress, climate, and culture of the region. <div class="indenttextblock"> Asia … is superior to Europe and Africa in the extent of its territories, stretching into all climates; from the frozen wilds of Siberia, where the hardy inhabitants, clothed in furs, are drawn in sledges over the snow; to the sultry regions of India and Siam, where, seated upon lofty elephants, the people shelter themselves from the scorching sun by spreading umbrella. </div> In two paragraphs Turner lays out the riches available in the region and then describes those peoples in unflattering terms which some could argue formed the basis for exploiting those same resources. <div class="indenttextblock"> Most of the islands lying
4759Coming Soon!DetailsBaker, Edmund J.1831
Very Rare Map of Dorchester and Milton Massachusetts
Baker, Edmund J.
$4,500.00Baker--Edmund-J-Very-Rare-Map-of-Dorchester-and-Milton-MassachusettsVery rare map of Dorchester and Milton Massachusetts published by Edmund J. Baker of Milton, Mass. Very fine condition for such a scarce item. <br></br> This original antique map was compiled to comply with a resolution of the Massachusetts Commonwealth that every town and district in Boston should complete an accurate survey of 100 rods to an inch before July 1, 1831. The resolution specified the map record <div class="indenttextblock"> "...the names, courses, and magnitude of Rivers and smaller Streams; Roads, public and private with their courses; the situation of Houses of Public Worship, Court Houses, and other public buildings, … bridges; ferries; falls; ponds; shores; harbors; islands; mountains; mills and manufactories… shall be inserted, specified, delineated, or described." (Source: </div> </BR> According to the Milton Historical Society <div class="indenttextblock"> "Born in 1804, Baker was a postmaster and historian accorded great respect by his contemporaries. Grandson of both patriot Daniel Vose and chocolate pioneer Dr. James Baker, he had a direct connection to the town's most auspicious 18th century roots. His interest and conversations with that generation, such as Rachel Vose, make him an important source. (Source: </div>
4753Coming Soon!DetailsDepot de la Marine1837
Early French-surveyed Chart of Sydney, Australia
Depot de la Marine
$1,750.00Depot-de-la-MarineEarly-French-surveyed-Chart-of-Sydney--AustraliaFine first edition French Chart of the Harbor at <b>Sydney, Australia</b> (Port Jackson) based on surveys carried out by French Captain Bougainville . Baron Hyacinthe de Bougainville was the son of the famous French Pacific navigator Louis-Antoine de Bougainville. An officer of the French navy, in 1825 he commanded an expedition that took the ships Thetis and Esperance to Macau, Manila and New South Wales. <br></br> This French survey, by Baron de Bougainville, was the fourth state-sponsored delineation of the topography and hydrography of Port Jackson. Oval seller's stamp "Cercle Maritime. Brest". <br></br> The first depiction was after a compass survey conducted over just nine days by John Hunter and William Bradley, published by George Raper in 1791. During an expedition to the south-west coast of Australia, de Freycinet (1802) updated Hunter's chart with additional soundings from his own survey of Port Jackson. John Septimus Roe led the third survey in 1822 followed with this chart published in 1828 by French explorer Hyacinthe de Bougainville. <br></br> An original, treasured gift for anyone with interests in boating or sailing near Sydney. At top, a fine, engraved vue or "View of the Entrance to the Harbor at Port Jackson." Dated 1828 but 1837 with its publication as Plate 52 from: <div class="indenttextblock">Journal de la navigation autour du globe de la fregate la Thetis et de la corvette l'Esperance pendant les annees 1824, 1825 et 1826 /Publie par ... M. le Baron de Bougainville. Paris : Arthus Bertrand, 1837. Grave par Ambroise Tardieu d'apres les dessins de M.E.B. de la Touanne, Lieutenant de Vaisseau. Ecrit par Besancon. Prix un franc. </div></BR> (Fr. Rare et grande carte marine de Port Jackson (Sydney, Australie) publiée par le Depot de la Marine de France.) Port Jackson, aussi appele Sydney Harbour, est le port naturel de Sydney en Australie. <br></br> Top left-hand corner: Voyage de la Thetis et de l'Esperance.
4773Coming Soon!DetailsCompagnie du chemin de fer de Paris a la Mer1838
Earliest map of the Paris au Havre railway in France
Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris a la Mer
$1,200.00Compagnie-du-chemin-de-fer-de-Paris-a-la-MerEarliest-map-of-the-Paris-au-Havre-railway-in-FranceRare lithographed map of the Paris to Havre Railway (Paris a la mer) made before construction and during the first French Railway boom. About the earliest available advertisement for French railroads (chemin de fer) and one of 10 competing railway proposals submitted to the French Parliament between 1835 and 1847. <br></br> With a fine detailed drawing of a 1838 coal-powered steam engine chugging along with wagons carrying passengers, horses and cattle, and agricultural goods. Gentleman passengers in top hats casually observe the countryside from seats atop the passenger car. Workers in the coal car appear appropriately fatigued. <br></br> The first locomotive-powered railway in France, the Paris to St. Germain opened in 1837 followed immediately by a lack of interest in financing railway projects by the large French banks. This map advertised the potential of the Paris to Havre railway, probably an attempt to reach capital sources outside the French banking industry. Shows two train routes. The first route, in blue, represented the "Chemin par les Plateaux" while the uncolored set of parallel lines denoted the "Project par la Valee." <br></br> Lithograph on laid paper with Blauw watermark. Lithographed by Delarue, Rue Notre Dame Victoires 16. <br></br> Grace's Guide to British Industrial History notes the leadership of the rail project was attributable to William Mackenzie and Thomas Brassey. In 1840 Mackenzie and Brassey <div class="indenttextblock"> "began railway works in France, and elsewhere. These included the greater part of the Paris and Rouen Railway; the whole of the Rouen and Havre Railway, including the stations and the maintenance of way of both lines; the line from Rouen to Dieppe, all under Joseph Locke, and George Neumann. " (Source: </div>
4739Coming Soon!DetailsBarbey, Isidore-Théodore1845
Very rare broadsheet. Barbey clipper-ship advertisement. Havre, France
Barbey, Isidore-Théodore
$3,500.00Barbey--Isidore-ThéodoreVery-rare-broadsheet--Barbey-clipper-ship-advertisement--Havre--FranceVery rare and historical clipper-ship advertisement for ships (Paquebots / Clippers) owned by <b>Isidore-Théodore Barbey</b> of Havre, France. Barbey's ships were known for their <b>white hulls</b>. This important broadsheet likely dates to the earliest shipping enterprise owned by Barbey, before incorporation in 1855. Not found online. Lithographed by Lenormand, Rue de l'Hopital 37, Havre. <br></br> The goal of the advertisement was to convey the luxuriousness of traveling on Barbey's ships by including a detailed plan for the Grande Chambre with tiny four-person staterooms and a single watercloset for all passengers. Housed below the "dunette", a high, exposed deck at the stern of the ship, was an antechamber, an office, dining table and cabins for two captains, and 30 passengers. For reference to key points in the ship's construction the lithograph shows the location for the mizzen mast (mat d'artimon) and the rudder post (gouvernail). <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> In 1839 Isidore-Théodore Barbey founded in Le Havre a shipping company for trade with Valparaíso and Lima. The company prospered, with six ships in 1850, and was incorporated as <b>Compagnie d'Armement Maritime in 1855</b>. Passenger ships operated on scheduled lines from Le Havre to Valparaíso, Vera Cruz, La Plata, Bahia and Reunion. The magnificent, white-hulled ships were nicknamed "white clippers". The shipowner never insured his ships and reinvested the saved premiums [likely the reason the ship does not appear in Lloyd's extensive records]. In 1857, Barbey owned 39 vessels and had another 34 in construction.</div></BR> <img src="/PageImages/Barbey_Flag.jpg" alt="Barbey clipper-ship house flag." width="100" border="2" hspace="10" vspace="10" align="middle"> Barbey flag: White with black letters. <br></br> (Source: Flags of the World.")
4718Coming Soon!DetailsBlunt, George W.1860
Rare trade card- NY Pilot Boat 11 the George W. Blunt
Blunt, George W.
$500.00Blunt--George-W-Rare-trade-card--NY-Pilot-Boat-11-the-George-W--BluntVery rare and desirable antebellum trade card for Pilot Boat No. 11, the George W. Blunt (G.W. Blunt) of the New York harbor pilots. Named after one of three sons of Edmund Blunt, who was one of the most important figures in U.S. nautical cartography during the first half of the 19th century. This scarce Civil-war era artifact should have strong interest for collectors of 19th-century maritime nautical cartography, the history of New York harbor, or civil-war era nautical artifacts. <br></br> The George W. Blunt was a 76 ton wooden schooner for the New York Pilot Commission, acquired by the U.S. Navy and commissioned in December 1861. She served with the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron through mid 1864. This trade card dates to before 1861 when the Pilot Commissioners' office was located at 69 South Street, Corner of Pine Street. In 1875 the G. W. Blunt was lost on the Long Island shore about thirty miles from the Sandy Hook light vessel (1). <br></br> G. W. Blunt, the third son of Edmund M. Blunt was born in Newburyport, Mass in 1802 (2). The elder Blunt prepared and composed a work entitled "The American Coast Pilot" which described every port on the coast of the United States, the publication went through through 18 successive editions beginning in 1796. <br></br> George W. Blunt served as a member of the New York Board of Pilot Commissioners, from 1845 to 1877. and owned the New York pilot boat Moses H. Grinnell (3). At his death G.W. Blunt held the office of Secretary of the Board of Pilot Commissioners. <br></br> <i> (1) Pilot lore; from sail to steam. United New York and New Jersey. Sandy Hook Pilots Benevolent Associations. 1922. Online. </BR> (2),%20George%201883.pdf </BR> (3) Cunliffe, Tom. ed. Pilots: Pilot Schooners of North America and Great Britian. Wooden Boat Publications. Brooklin, Maine. 2001. </i>
4729Coming Soon!DetailsPrang, Louis1862
War Telegram Marking Map
Prang, Louis
$1,500.00Prang--LouisWar-Telegram-Marking-MapOriginal 1862 <b>Civil War</b> Telegram Marking Map by Louis Prang showing the Civil War territories of Virginia Pennsylvania, and Washington. The "War Telegram Marking Map", a large antique lithograph, was published by L. Prang, Boston, Massachusetts in 1862 during the second year of the great rebellion. <br></br> Louis Prang & Co. of Boston, Mass took advantage of both lithography and the immediacy of news provided by the telegraph to create this large <b>War Telegram Marking Map</b>. Prang produced these for the Northern public to see where the troops were and to follow along and mark the map up with optional colored pencils as the action was reported. As the map explains, one was to <div class="indenttextblock"> “mark the change of positions of the UNION FORCES in RED PENCIL and the REBEL FORCES in BLUE, on the receipt of EVERY TELEGRAM from the seat of war.” </div> </BR> Dated within to 1862. Lithographed with attractive brown ink. As advertised in the Burlington (Vermont) Sentinel on Friday August 29, 1862: <div class="indenttextblock"> "A new war map and just the thing for present use has been published by L Prang & Co. No. 109 Washington Street, Boston called "War Telegram Marking Map" of the seat of War in Virginia. It gives a large and distinct view of the country and places where our armies and those of the rebels are now maneuvering, and is furnished with pencils, red and blue, with which to mark the positions and progress of the respective forces. It is handsomely printed in light brown colors and will be sent by mail on receipt of price: 25 cents for the map and 12 cents for the pencils". </div> </BR> Source: “War Telegram Marking Map,” The News Media and the Making of America, 1730-1865, accessed January 2, 2019,
226Coming Soon!DetailsHelffricht, William1872
Helffricht Trade Card - Philadelphia
Helffricht, William
$130.00Helffricht--WilliamHelffricht-Trade-Card---PhiladelphiaScarce 19th-century antique nautical trade card for <b>William Helffricht's</b> NAUTICAL STORE, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Helffricht sold charts, nautical books, and nautical instruments from their Front Street location. Trade cards of Helffricht are seldom found. <br></br> With the item-source title page of the "American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac" for the year 1873. A maritime scarcity of interest to those with an interest in maritime, nautical, or cartographic Victorian-era trade cards.
4757Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1873
Antique Chart of New Zealand from Otago to the Mataura River and Ruapuke Island
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,100.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-Chart-of-New-Zealand-from-Otago-to-the-Mataura-River-and-Ruapuke-IslandTwo scarce antique charts of New Zealand on one sheet: 1) Middle Island, Otago to Mataura River (with large scale insets of Waikawa Harbor and of Catlin River), and 2) Foveaux Strait, Ruapuke Island. <br></br> Based on surveys of <b>Captain J. L. Stokes</b> and officers of the HMS Acheron during 1849-1851. Among his many accomplishments, Stokes served as assistant surveyor aboard the <b>HMS Beagle</b> during its well-known voyage around the world with Charles Darwin in 1833-36. Hooker's brief biography of Stokes includes a portrait and this entry: <div class="indenttextblock"> "Stokes, John Lort (1812-86) - Royal Navy officer and hydrographer, was chosen by Beaufort, the British Hydrographer for the 'Great New Zealand Survey.' Stokes had joined the navy as a ‘volunteer first class’ in 1824 and by 1843, he was an experienced surveyor with the rank of commander. In 1846, he was promoted to captain and in the following year was given command of HMS Acheron. Between 1848 and 1855, Stokes surveyed extensively in New Zealand waters. With Drury’s surveys they were the most complete investigations carried out to that time. Over forty-five New Zealand charts were published in the years following Stokes’ and Drury’s surveys. Some of Stokes' data were also incorporated in maps published by Arrowsmith." (Hooker, Brian. Dictionary of New Zealand Map-Makers.<a href=" " target="_blank">Internet</a>)</div>
4738Coming Soon!DetailsFavereau, Charles-Eugene1875
Manuscript Notebook of Vice Admiral Charles Favereau with Charts
Favereau, Charles-Eugene
$3,500.00Favereau--Charles-EugeneManuscript-Notebook-of-Vice-Admiral-Charles-Favereau-with-Charts<img src="\PageImages\Charles_Eugene_Favereau_Vice_Amiral.jpg" alt="French Vice-Admiral Charles Eugene Farereau" width="150" Align="left" style="margin:1em">Rare and desirable notebook including much tight French script and eight MS charts and port plans from the early training cruises of Vice-Admiral Charles Eugene Favereau (1856-1936), then an aspirant (Midshipman) in the French Navy. <br></br> Favereau entered Naval School in October, 1872 and after three years was an aspirant in October, 1875. Favereau first served on the training ship ALEXANDER and then on the GAULOISE in the Mediterranean and in 1877 on the MAGICIENNE in the Pacific. (Source: <br></br> During a long career in the French Navy Favereau served as Lieutenant Commander, Commander, and Captain aboard the cruiser NAIADE, the battleships FORMIDABLE, REPUBLIC, ST.LOUIS and BAYARD. On June 30, 1910 Favereau was promoted to contre-Admiral, and on January 28, 1914 to Vice Admiral . He left the Navy in 1918. <br></br> Favereau's eight ink manuscript harbor plans and charts include ports on the Mediterranean north coast of Africa, the Azores, Spain, and the islands of Madeira. <div class="indenttextblock"> a) Port d'Alger (Algiers) </BR> b) Plan du Mouillage de Mers al Kebir</BR> c) Partie est de Madere (East portion of the Madeira archipelago)</BR> d) Plan de Funchal et de la Baie</BR> e) Western Azores (Sao Jorge, Faial, and Pico)</BR> f) Plan of Fayal (Faial) and Baie de Horta</BR> g) Faial-Pico channel</BR> h) Vigo estuary and Cies Islands</BR> </div> </BR> Text of about 80 pages in French. Small drawings of devices and machinery related to weapons and artillery. With small notations in red at several points believed to be grades or acknowledgement of completion by an instructor.
4754Coming Soon!DetailsHaussmann, Georges-Eugène1880
Urban Architect Haussmann Wife's Calling Card
Haussmann, Georges-Eugène
$100.00Haussmann--Georges-EugèneUrban-Architect-Haussmann-Wife-s-Calling-CardArguably, no one is more responsible for the distictive Parisian street plan of today than urban architect Georges-Eugène Haussmann. This artifact is Haussmann's wife's ( Louise Octavie de Laharpe 1807-1890; m. 1838) calling card from the latter part of the 19th century. With manuscript notations to the recipient on the recto.
4749Coming Soon!DetailsConsolidated Gold Fields of South Africa1897
Scarce map of Witwatersrand gold fields south of Johannesburg, South Africa
Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa
$6,200.00Consolidated-Gold-Fields-of-South-AfricaScarce-map-of-Witwatersrand-gold-fields-south-of-Johannesburg--South-AfricaVery rare sales broadside of the <b>Witwatersrand gold fields of Johannesburg</b> held by Gold Fields of South Africa, <b>South Africa's first mining house</b>, now <b>Gold Fields</b>. After the Witwatersrand gold rush in 1886 Consolidated Gold Fields was rated in 1897 as the most valuable company in the world, no doubt due in large part to the valuable assets detailed in this sales advertisement (1). <br></br> That company was formed in 1887, during the Witwatersrand gold rush, by Cecil Rhodes and Charles Rudd to hold properties they had acquired on the Transvaal's Witwatersrand gold fields. Reorganized as Consolidated Gold Fields of South Africa (Consgold) in 1892, this map from 1897 details the company's holdings near Johannesburg, SA. <br></br> Cecil John Rhodes was a British mining magnate from southern Africa who served as Prime Minister of the Cape Colony from 1890 to 1896 and was the founder of <b>De Beers</b> diamond company. <br></br> Rare. No copy of this map is found online or in the AMPR. Printed by Waterlow and Sons Limited, London. Map of the "Central Section" implies that this example would have been flanked by similar maps forming the west and east sections <br></br> The Witwatersrand is a 34 mi, north-facing ridge in South Africa. It consists of a hard rock, over which flow several waterfalls. In Afrikaans Witwatersrand, means "ridge of white waters". <br></br> (1) Bottom of the map contains a Schedule of Values of unworked reef claims at market prices on September 30, 1897.
4772Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1906
Singapore Road
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$2,500.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeSingapore-RoadRare early engraved nautical chart of Singapore Road or anchorage surrounding the Singapore River. Engraved by the well-charted J & C Walker. <br></br> First published at the Admiralty Jan. 7th, 1865 under the superintendence of Captn. G.H. Richards R.N., Hydrographer. This, the edition of February 7, 1906 is based largely after the work of John William Reed and officers aboard the H.M.S. Rifleman in 1864. <br></br> Sold by J.D. Potter Agent for the Admiralty, London.
4760Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1907
China From Hailing Island to Hong Kong with Macao
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$1,900.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeChina-From-Hailing-Island-to-Hong-Kong-with-MacaoFine, very scarce original British Admiralty nautical chart of the coast of China west of <b>Hong Kong</b> by Belcher. Published in 1853 (1907), this fine sea chart was engraved by J & C Walker. <br></br> Coverage extends from Hailing Island (Hui Ling Island) past Macau and ends with Hong Kong. Includes three detailed inset charts and plans: Macao Harbour, Namo Harbour, and Hui-Ling (Hailing) Harbour. <br></br> First published Sept 4, 1853 according to an Act of Parliament at the Hydrographic Office of the Admiralty. Corrections to 1883 by Captain J. Calder of the Chinese Gunboat Sui-Tsing. Numerous minor corrections, with the last small correction in 1907. This chart 2212 is a later edition of Belcher's Admiralty chart 1625 "Mongchow to Hong Kong". <br></br> Verso with several MS chart collation numbers including a stenciled "143". Sold by J.D. Potter Agent for Admiralty Charts, 146 Minories. Chart number 2212. Two sheets joined; one vertical fold. <br></br> Admiral Sir Edward Belcher (1799 – 1877) was born in Nova Scotia and at age 13 enlisted as a volunteer in the British Royal Navy. Belcher went on to a long career as a British naval officer, hydrographer, and explorer. Belcher is credited with producing the first detailed map of Hong Kong in 1841, one year before the island was handed over to Britain.
3693Coming Soon!DetailsHunter, T.B.1909
Large antique blueprinted map of Pebble Beach, Califonia
Hunter, T.B.
$1,800.00Hunter--T-B-Large-antique-blueprinted-map-of-Pebble-Beach--CalifoniaFine large rolled 5' original antique blueprint map (20 sq. ft.) of Pebble Beach, CA made in 1909, almost ten years before the opening of the famed Pebble Beach golf course. The earliest reasonably obtainable and the largest cyanotype cadastral map of Pebble Beach, CA. <br></br> Ironically, on this map the area now partly occupied by the golf course is marked "Reserved for Public Use". Pebble Beach Lodge is shown centered within Lot 123, a parcel of 9.487 acres. Locations that are shown but not named include Arrowhead Point, Pescadero Canyon, and Stillwater Cove. <br></br> Data for each lot include the lot number, metes and bounds (bearing and length of all lines bisecting each physical property marker stake), and acreage. <br></br> Includes Seventeen-Mile Drive and Carmel Bay. Monterey County. Shows topography with contour intervals of 10 feet. <br></br> Surveyed by T.B. Hunter, C.E. and drawn by T.F. Rogers. <br></br> North is oriented to upper right. <br></br> (Note: Yellow straight-edge rules shown are 48" long.)
4737Coming Soon!DetailsBritish War Office1909
Rare Map of Peking and Environs
British War Office
$5,000.00British-War-OfficeRare-Map-of-Peking-and-EnvironsExtremely rare British map of Beijing or Peking China drawn prepared by the British Ordnance Survey Office, Southampton for the War Office. Dated within to 1909. Blue ink stamp to recto "For Official Use Only". Black oval stamp on verso: "North China Command, 7 Jul 1910, General Staff." <br></br> Not found in the Antique Map Price Record (AMPR). <br></br> Cartographically the map is based upon a 1907 German map published in Berlin entitled Peking und Umgebung. This map was created during the period of occupation following the suppression of the 1900 Boxer Rebellion, an era that produced detailed survey work, such as the present map, in anticipation of urban management needs and infrastructure development. <br></br> In the present example, stamped Chinese characters have been added for each English location name. Chart no. 2417.
4751Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1912
Antique chart of Galveston Bay to the San Bernard River, Texas
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$460.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeAntique-chart-of-Galveston-Bay-to-the-San-Bernard-River--TexasA fine early 20th-century British Admiralty chart of <B>Galveston Bay, Bolivar Peninsula, San Bernard River, and Galveston Island, Texas</b> made long before the massive development we see today. This chart, published by the Hydrographic Office is based on existing U.S. Coast Survey charts of the area from 1855 - 1858. <br></br> Coverage includes all of Galveston Bay extending as far north as San Jacinto Bay and Turtle Bay. Numerous named features include Quintana, Bastrop Bayou, San Luis Pass, Texas City, Clear Lake, the Trinity River, Fort Anahuac, and Bolivar Point. Shows existing and proposed dredged navigation channels. Inset large-scale charts for Clopper's Bar and Redfish Bar. <br></br> Published at the Admiralty under the Superintendence of Captn. Washington R.N. F.R.S. Hydrographer. Sold by J.D. Potter Agent for the Admiralty. Numerous small and large corrections; the last correction being in 1912. MS notations on verso identifying the chart collation number "68" in large red letters. Number 2831.
4736Coming Soon!DetailsMurphy, John F.1915
Birds Eye View of Boston Harbor and South Shore to Provincetown
Murphy, John F.
$275.00Murphy--John-F-Birds-Eye-View-of-Boston-Harbor-and-South-Shore-to-ProvincetownA fine, original, early 20th-century folding harbor excursion map of Boston Harbor ready for framing. This fine antique birds-eye view is bright, in great condition with no holes or tears as is common. <BR> </BR> Coverage includes South Boston, Nantasket Beach, Hough's Neck, South Bay, Pleasure Bay, Boston Harbor, Dorchester Bay, Quincy Bay, Hingham, Squantum, and Cape Cod Bay to Provincetown. Verso is blank. Index on inside cover with 35 points of interest keyed on the map. <BR> </BR> Published by Union News Company , South Station, Boston, Massachusetts. Price is noted on the front cover as "10 cents". Manuscript owner's name on cover, detached but present.
4771Coming Soon!DetailsU.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey1916
Nantucket Sound Massachusetts
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
$1,200.00U-S--Coast-and-Geodetic-SurveyNantucket-Sound-MassachusettsFine antique engraved nautical chart first issued in 1915 covers the southeast portion of Cape Cod trending south and includes Hyannis Harbor, Tuckernuck Island and the islands of Nantucket, Monomoy, Chatham and eastern Nantucket Sound. <br></br> This bright antique chart bears a stamp at the bottom right in black ink that identifies this edition as corrected to May 29, 1916. Plate number 3446 for this 1915 ed. replaced the previous edition of 1909 which used plate number 2999. With the circular logo of the Department of Commerce and Labor. Chart number 111.
4770Coming Soon!DetailsBritish Admiralty Hydrographical Office1920
Large Antique Chart of The Florida Keys
British Admiralty Hydrographical Office
$675.00British-Admiralty-Hydrographical-OfficeLarge-Antique-Chart-of-The-Florida-KeysFine antique British Admiralty sea chart with cartographic coverage of the islands of the lower <b>Florida Keys</b>. Hydrographic data on this early 20th-century British navigational chart extend past Key West. Though updated to 1920, this scarce survivor retains the appearance of a 19th-century British copperplate-engraved nautical chart, a charm more recent charts do not generally possess. <br></br> An inset diagram shows an example <b>navigational beacon</b>, made of iron, 36 feet in height and carrying an identifying letter within a moveable vane. These beacons, or day marks, delineated the southern boundary of the Florida Keys. The accompanying note states: <br></br> <div class="indenttextblock"> <img src="/PageImages/Beacon for 4770.jpg" alt="Florida keys navigational beacons (day marks)" width="120" align="left" style="margin: 0px 20px"> "The Beacons marking the outer Florida Reefs are distinguished by Letter or Numbers in the vane which each carries, commencing off Key West and proceeding in alphabetical or numerical order toward Cape Florida. With the exceptions of that American Shoal which is brown and that on Fowey Rock which is black, the Beacons are all painted white. These beacons are likely to be washed away." </div> <br></br>Manuscript notations in pencil from a previous owner record eight of the beacons as "damaged." <br></br> This chart of Lower Matacumbe Cay to Boca Grande Cay should be treasured by anyone with interests in fishing, sailing, or boating in the Florida Keys. <br></br> After U.S. Coast Survey charts from the last half of the 19th century. First published by the British Admiralty on July 18, 1866, with several editions and later corrections after, the last correction in 1920. Originally sold by J.D. Potter, agents, London. Chart no. 1098.
4735Coming Soon!DetailsLake Shore Realty Co.1925
Cyanotype Sales Map of Howard Avenue Subdivison No. 2 Chicago
Lake Shore Realty Co.
$350.00Lake-Shore-Realty-Co-Cyanotype-Sales-Map-of-Howard-Avenue-Subdivison-No--2-ChicagoAuthentic cyanotype (blueprint) Chicago-area map from 1925 with interesting illustrations of local transportation including an electrified trolley and coal-fired steam locomotive. A fine, unique early 20th century artifact that should appeal to advertising collectors or others with interests in Evanston or Chicago, Illinois and the expansion into the suburbs. Dated within to 5/28/25. Drawn by J.R.W.A. <br></br> Right-hand side of this neat piece shows a large scale map with major streets centered on the Howard Ave Subdivison No 2. Concentric circles drawn at one mile intervals for 3 miles total radius. Left hand large-scale map of the Subdivision with side streets Jonquil Terrace, Lehigh Ave., Dobson Street, and North Meade Ave. Lots already sold are highlighted with dark red pencil. <br></br> The new subdivision was located at the intersection of Gross-Point Road and Howard Ave (now Street). Also crossing that intersection is a proposed trolley car line on Howard Ave. and the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul R.R. with a locomotive drawn heading northbound pulling a freight car and four passenger cars. <br></br> Text describes restrictions, title guarantor, and contact details for the Lake Shore Realty Co. at Consumer's Building Room 1716. 220 State Street. Phone Wabash9180. <br></br> Restrictions were: " Howard Ave is restricted to business buildings of stone or brick construction, two or more stories high. Balance is restricted to residence or apartment buildings of stone or brick construction." Titles guaranteed by Chicago Title & Trust Co. <br></br> In the 19th century blueprints (cyanotype prints) were generally scarce as blueprinting had only been invented in the 1870's and by 1899 the process was beginning to become widely adopted as a quick method of reproducing maps, plans, and architectural diagrams. Blueprinting was a well-accepted business tool in 1925 but no other copy of this map is found online.
4747Coming Soon!DetailsEdward E. Manning Company1925
Cyanotype map of north Chicago and Evanston, IL
Edward E. Manning Company
$255.00Edward-E--Manning-CompanyCyanotype-map-of-north-Chicago-and-Evanston--ILAuthentic hand-colored cyanotype (blueprint) Chicago-area map from ca. 1925. A fine, unique early 20th-century artifact that should appeal to collectors or others with interests in Evanston or Chicago, Illinois and its expansion into the suburbs. Cyanotype maps are generally scarce. <br></br> Coverage begins at W. Lawrence Avenue and extends north to Lake Avenue in Evanston, Illinois. Our map is bounded to the east by Lake Michigan and to the west a few blocks past Harlem Avenue. Shows the location of Northwestern University along Lake Michigan. Includes by name Morton Center, Edison Park, Rogers Park, and the town of "Niles Center", now Skokie, Il. <br></br> In the 19th century blueprints (cyanotype prints) were generally scarce as blueprinting had only been invented in the 1870's. By 1899 the cyanotype process was beginning to become widely adopted as a quick method of reproducing maps, plans, and architectural diagrams. Blueprinting was a well-accepted business tool in 1925. <br></br> Produced by the Edward E. Manning Company, 55 W. Wacker, Drive, Chicago.
4733Coming Soon!DetailsAsahi Shimbun1926
Fine Japanese inter war sugoroku biplane flight game board
Asahi Shimbun
$165.00Asahi-ShimbunFine-Japanese-inter-war-sugoroku-biplane-flight-game-boardVery attractive and decorative Japanese Taisho period inter-war sugoroku board game with pictures of biplanes. This large sugoroku commemorates a record long flight to Europe in July 1925 via the route of Tokyo-Paris-London. The flight, with two Breguet 19 A2 biplanes, was sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun newspaper and piloted by H. Abe and K. Kawachi, covering 13,800 km (8,575 mi). <div class="indenttextblock"> The Bréguet XIX was two-seater light bomber and as a reconnaissance aircraft, first rolled out in 1923. A very successful metal biplane, it stayed in operational service for fifteeen years. (Source Online: </div> </BR> Set across a background of Asia, locations on the board correspond to cities in Asia and Europe to include Rome, London, Paris, Istanbul and many more. Text in Japanese. Verso is blank. <br></br> E-sugoroku, with rules similar to the game of chutes and ladders, appeared in Japan as late 13th century and became popular due to the cheap and elaborate wooden block printing technology of the Edo period. Sugoroku boards were made with pictures and themes from religion, political, actors, heros, and popular culture.
4767Coming Soon!DetailsBotelho, Carlos1937
Portugal 1937 Exposition Internationale de Paris
Botelho, Carlos
$450.00Botelho--CarlosPortugal-1937-Exposition-Internationale-de-ParisVery fine map of Portugal in a simple, folksy, pictorial style. For a brochure "Portugal Gastronomique" to support the Portugese exhibit at the 1937 International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris, France May 4 to November 27, 1937. There, pavilions of the participating countries were built along the Seine. These structures were projects by the outstanding architects of the time. <br></br> On the recto French text written by Albino Forjaz Sampaio and simple images related to traditional Portugese food. (Source: <br></br> Signed within as "Botelho 37". Carlos Botelho (1899-1982) was a multi-faceted artist, illustrator, and caricaturist. Lito National - Porto.
4756Coming Soon!DetailsBell Telephone1938
Early Radiobell Persuasive Sales Advertisement
Bell Telephone
$200.00Bell-TelephoneEarly-Radiobell-Persuasive-Sales-AdvertisementMap of Europe ca. 1938 centered on Antwerp. Purpose of the map is to promote the sales of the "Radiobell" brand of radio receivers manufactured by the Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. With television not yet widely available, at time of publication radio was still growing rapidly as a means of mass entertainment and news. <br></br> Contains a list of early European radio broadcasting stations, their location, frequency and power (kilowatts). Radio stations built by Radiobell are designated with a bell-shaped icon. <br></br> "Radiobell" a division of the Bell Telephone Mfg. Co. built radios in Belgium in the 1930' - 1940's. <br></br> Concentric circles at 100km intervals show the distance from Antwerp. Phrase at bottom "Radiobell klaar als een bel" translates to "Radiobell ready as a bell." <br></br> Date is based on the inclusion of Austrian territory within Germany (Duitchland). In 1938 Adolf Hitler annexed his native Austria and the Sudetenland.
4769Coming Soon!DetailsSocieta Partenopea di Navigazione1970
Pictorial map of Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples.
Societa Partenopea di Navigazione
$35.00Societa-Partenopea-di-NavigazionePictorial-map-of-Amalfi-Coast-and-Bay-of-Naples-Decorative pictorial map of the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast area in Italy ca. 1970. Includes the islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida linked with mainland towns of Pozzuoli, Napoli, Sorrento, Positano, and Amalfi. <br></br> This colorful small map was published by the Italian transportation service SPAN, the Societa Partenopea di Navigazione. Art by Cassese. With the SPAN flag and the phrase "con la SPAN verso mete felici" or Google-translated from Italian as "with SPAN towards happy destinations." <br></br> Verso with a complete SPAN timetable in English.
4746Coming Soon!DetailsLeary, Pat1987
Limited edition print of Amelia Island, Florida
Leary, Pat
$270.00Leary--PatLimited-edition-print-of-Amelia-Island--FloridaSigned and numbered decorative limited-edition nautical print of the coast near <b>Amelia Island, Florida</b>. This fine modern print features a 20th-century Coast Survey chart of the Atlantic Coast in that area overlaid with a eighteenth-century "Plan of Amelia Island in East Florida" by Fuller/Jefferys. With images of shrimp boats, nets and other artifacts that evoke the laid-back low-country charm of that area. <br></br> Signed in pencil and dated within to 1987. Number 399/500. <br></br> A fine original gift for those with interests in boating, fishing, or beach recreation in the area near Amelia Island or the Florida Altantic Coast.