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2507Coming Soon!DetailsOrtelius, Abraham1570
Scarce map of the Arctic and Scandinavia
Ortelius, Abraham
$2,200.00Ortelius--AbrahamScarce-map-of-the-Arctic-and-ScandinaviaOrtelius' map of the Arctic, including Scandinavia, Iceland, Greenland and part of the North American continent, includes the legendary islands of Drogeo, Frisland and Icaria. This fine map, with original color, is adorned with a variety of very inventive creatures including a half-man, half-sea creature with bird feet playing a lute. Second state with a triangular dot added at the end of the title.
2506Coming Soon!DetailsWaghenaer, Lucas Jansz1584
Rare Dutch Sea chart of Belgium, Picardie, and France
Waghenaer, Lucas Jansz
$2,400.00Waghenaer---Lucas-JanszRare-Dutch-Sea-chart-of-Belgium--Picardie--and-FranceA treasure! Chart of the English Channel printed in 1584, four years before the "Invincible Armada" of Spain was defeated in their attempt to conquer England. Extends from Nieuwpoort to Dieppe. With two coastal profiles. French text edition. Published in Leiden by Plantin.
1481Coming Soon!DetailsBlaeu, Johannes1645
North Polar Region or Regiones Sub Polo Arctico
Blaeu, Johannes
$1,000.00Blaeu--JohannesNorth-Polar-Region-or-Regiones-Sub-Polo-ArcticoEngraved map of the North Pole region, uncolored. With rhumb lines radiating from the North Pole, a large title cartouche, with two figures and numerous wind heads, compass roses, ships and an additional vignette of explorers, a polar bear and foxes, Backer's coat-of-arms in "Nova Britannia," French text on verso regarding the "Pole Arctique", <br></br> Blaeu's map of the North Pole region is a close copy of Jansson's Nova et Accurata Poli Artici based on the arctic map of Barentsz, Baffin, and others. This is state two of the map with Willem Backer's coat-of-arms.
2486Coming Soon!DetailsDoncker, Hendrick1664
Rare Dutch chart of lower South America and the Strait of Magellan
Doncker, Hendrick
$1,300.00Doncker--HendrickRare-Dutch-chart-of-lower-South-America-and-the-Strait-of-MagellanNice! Very scarce old Dutch nautical chart of Patagonia, the southern portion of the South American continent by Doncker. Includes Patagonia, the Strait of Magellan and Tierra del Fuego. With Spanish place names in portolano style. Includes The Plate River with "Buenos Ayr" or Buenos Aires. Fine, striking graphics. <br></br> Hendrick Doncker (1626-1699) was an Amsterdam printer, bookseller, and cartographer residing in the Nieuwebrugsteeg. Johannes Loots, an important contemporary Dutch cartographer, was an apprentice to Doncker. In 1693, upon completion of his apprenticeship to Doncker, Loots was accepted into the Guild of Booksellers and bought a home near Doncker in Nieuwebrugsteeg.
2482Coming Soon!DetailsMoll, Herman1709
Mexico, or New Spain With Guadalajara, Guatemala, and Florida
Moll, Herman
$500.00Moll--HermanMexico--or-New-Spain-With-Guadalajara--Guatemala--and-FloridaA map dealer's map!! I love it! <br></br> Hermans Moll's classic map of the United States, Caribbean, and Central America. Moll has divided the area into the four provinces of Mexico, Guadalajara Guatemala, and Florida. Pacific Ocean is labeled "The Great South Seas"; the Gulf of Mexico is sub-titled "the Bay of Mexico". Beginning of Chapter VII. Page 214. English text on verso. <br></br> Herman Moll (1654-1732) was a publisher, cartographer, and engraver who operated a book and map store in London.
2498Coming Soon!DetailsOlearius, Adam1727
Map and elevation view of Arkhangelsk, Russia
Olearius, Adam
$90.00Olearius--AdamMap-and-elevation-view-of-Arkhangelsk--RussiaAntique map and view of Arkhangelsk, Russia (Archangel; Archangelsk), the administrative center of Arkhangelsk Oblast, in the north of European Russia. Arkhangelsk is today situated on both banks of the northern Dvina River near its exit into the White Sea. <br></br> From "Voyages très-curieux & très renommez faits en Moscovie, Tartarie, et Perse...." by Adam Olearius (1603-1671).
2485Coming Soon!DetailsAnville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'1730
Fine antique plan of the Bay of Cartagena, Colombia
Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'
$700.00Anville--Jean-Baptiste-Bourguignon-d-Fine-antique-plan-of-the-Bay-of-Cartagena--ColombiaEarly and very scarce map of the area surrounding Cartagena, Colombia in northern South America. Hilly or mountainous areas are shown in relief. With depth soundings of the channel from Boca Chica into the inner harbor at Cartagena. <br></br> From Charlevoix's history of the Caribbean. Noted features on this copper-plate engraved plan of Cartagena include <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>La Cienega de Tesca</li> <li>Mancanillo</li> <li>La Madre de Popa ou Nuestra Senora de la Candelaria (a hilltop religious complex dating to 1607).</li> <li>Boca Chica (entrance to Cartagena Bay)</li> <li>La Isla de Varu</li> <li>Paso a Caballos</li> <li>Isla de Brugas</li> <li>el Fuerte de Santa Cruz</li> </ul> </div>
2488Coming Soon!DetailsJefferys, Thomas1746
Fine decorative chart of eastern Canada
Jefferys, Thomas
$600.00Jefferys--ThomasFine-decorative-chart-of-eastern-CanadaJeffery's attractive map of New England and eastern Canada. With insets of the fortified town of Quebec, Fort Dauphin, the city and Port of Louisbourg, and the eastern United States and Canada from Cape Fear northward. The map includes New England as far south as Boston, the St. Lawrence River just beyond Quebec, and north to Cape Round. Very attractive title cartouche with ships and land batteries firing cannon. <br></br> Prince Edward Island, one of Canada's three maritime provinces, is labeled "St. Johns" after the original French name "Île Saint-Jean". The island is named for Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, the fourth son of King George III. <br></br> Coastal detail features soundings and the fishing banks. This attractive map of Canada by Thomas Jefferys, was published in the Gentleman's Magazine, after a French engraving by N. Bellin in 1744.
2484Coming Soon!DetailsJefferys, Thomas1762
Jefferys' scarce plan of the city of Cartagena, Colombia
Jefferys, Thomas
$800.00Jefferys--ThomasJefferys--scarce-plan-of-the-city-of-Cartagena--ColombiaScarce large-scale birds-eye plan of the city of Cartagena, Colombia (1762) by engraver Thomas Jefferys. Emphasis on the considerable defences of Cartagena with more than one dozen defensive bastions identified by name. Secondary fortified position is labeled "Xemani or the suburb." Shows Fort Saint Philip- St. Lazaro or Baraxas and the long road to Bosquilla. Plate 5 Page 13. <br></br> After an apprenticeship to Emmanuel Bowen, Thomas Jefferys was one of the more prominent commercial cartographers in London during the middle of the eighteenth century. Although he was responsible for a wide variety of prints and for maps of much of the world, he is particularly remembered for his publication of many maps of North America. <br></br> Upon George III's accession to the throne in 1760, Jefferys became "Geographer to the King", a title signifying the status of a favored tradesman, and a reputable publisher with a sufficiently large collection of maps to fill the King's personal needs. Later, bankruptcy forced Jefferys into a partnership with Robert Sayer, a successful publisher of a diverse range of materials. Sayer provided the capital to reprint many of Jefferys's existing plates and presumably took the larger share of the profits. <a href="" target="_blank">(Online. Osher Map Library.)</a>
2521Coming Soon!DetailsTirion, Isaac1765
Fine 18th century map of Lower California, Arizona and Mexico
Tirion, Isaac
$750.00Tirion--IsaacFine-18th-century-map-of-Lower-California--Arizona-and-MexicoIsaac Tirions's map of the American Southwest reflects the recent explorations of the Jesuit Fathers and others. Named locations include Casa Grande and San Xavier de Bac in the Southwest. Along the Pacific Ocean are noted San Diego, Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas. Numerous, oversized islands are shown along both coasts of the Baja California Peninsuala. <br></br> Missions are pictorially identified throughout the map and there are two fortifications in Baja at San Jose del Cabo and Loretto. <br></br> Isaak Tirion, (1705 - 1765) was a Dutch publisher who produced serveral atlases and Dutch town plans from the Kalverstraat, in Amsterdam. Tirion produced a total of eight atlases in multiple editions
2489Coming Soon!DetailsJefferys, Thomas1775
Antique Chart of The Island of Jamaica and Cape Gracias a Dios
Jefferys, Thomas
$1,075.00Jefferys--ThomasAntique-Chart-of-The-Island-of-Jamaica-and-Cape-Gracias-a-DiosFine antique sea chart covering from the Mosquito Coast (labeled Moskito King's Party) of Honduras and Nicaragua to Jamaica, a distance over water of more than 400 miles. First state chart with numerous navigational details such as depth soundings, reefs, and the prevailing current. <br></br> Includes ships' tracks labeled 'Galleons Track from Cartagena to Havana' that skirt numerous reefs on the dangerous voyage from Colombia to Cuba. These details are worthy of study under magnification for the insight they provide on the key success factors for seafarers in the mid-eighteenth century. <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>South Key- "Fresh water under a large wild grape tree."</li> <li>"Main Cape Reef and Keys by the Spaniards los Tiburones"</li> <li>"Serrana alias The English Bank called also Pearl Island"</li> <li>"Quinta el Sueno called by the baymen Guana Reef"</li> <li>Southwest of Jamaica- "La Bivora or Pedro Shoals according to the surveys of Spanish pilots in 1727 and 1750"</li> </ul> </div> From Sayer's and Bennett's atlas titled: The West-India Atlas: or, a compendious description of the West-Indies: illustrated with forty one correct charts and maps, taken from actual surveys." <br></br> Publishers attribution reads: "London. Printed for Rob.t Sayer, Map and Printseller. No 53 Fleet Street as the Act directs 20th Feb.y 1775. According to Rumsey <div class="indenttextblock"> "Sayer and Bennet acquired his [Jefferys'] materials in preparation for this atlas, and published the atlas posthumously under his name (as they did with the American Atlas) in 1775. The heart of this atlas and the most detailed part is the sixteen sheet large chart and index sheet of the whole of the West Indies. ( <a href="" target="_blank">Internet </a>) </div>
2501Coming Soon!DetailsArrowsmith, Aaron1804
New Holland or Australia by Aaron Arrowsmith
Arrowsmith, Aaron
$450.00Arrowsmith--AaronNew-Holland-or-Australia-by-Aaron-ArrowsmithAntique map of Australia from Arrowsmith's large chart of the Pacific Ocean, published here in smaller format. (Published by John Conrad & Co., Philadelphia. 1804). <br></br> The odd shape of the Australian continent reflects the poor knowledge of that continent in 1804. Use of dark coloration for the sea makes this plate easily distinguishable from other maps of the era. Contains interesting comments about the geography and documents dates of exploration for the Australian coast. Edel's Land. 1619; C.F. de Wits Landt Discovered in 1628 Black Inhabitants; <br></br> This unusual antique map was published in A new and elegant general atlas, comprising all the new discoveries, to the present time. Containing sixty-three maps, drawn by Arrowsmith and Lewis. Published by John Conrad & Co. [and others]. Philadelphia . 1804. (Source:
1477Coming Soon!DetailsWilson, Charles1866
Blueback Chart of the East Coast of England Dungeness to Newcastle
Wilson, Charles
$900.00Wilson--CharlesBlueback-Chart-of-the-East-Coast-of-England-Dungeness-to-NewcastleEight feet long. Ninety-three inches of blueback sea chart covering the English east coast. Four sheets joined. Highlights of this huge blueback chart include dozens of yellow dots highlighting the lighthouses and the inset drawings of lighthouses and other navigational aids. More than one dozen inset port plans and river entrances, large scale. You need this in your man cave! <BR> </BR> With blue paper backing as issued. During the 1800's there was a trend toward publication of very large small-scale charts with large-scale insets of key passages and harbors. This made it possible for mariners to replace perhaps a half-dozen or more charts with just one. The practice was adopted as much for economics as any other reason. Charles Wilson (as the successor to Norie and Company) was one of a handfull of British publishers who specialized in these charts which were often backed with canvas or linen cloth or heavy blue paper in order to help them withstand the frequent use and abuse aboard ship, hence the term "blueback chart". <BR> </BR> Published by: "Charles Wilson (Late J.W. Norrie and Wilson) at the Navigation Warehouse and Naval Academy, 157 Leadenhall Street." London. <BR> </BR>
2504Coming Soon!DetailsRogers, Peet and Company1879
Birdseye view of New York City
Rogers, Peet and Company
$280.00Rogers--Peet-and-CompanyBirdseye-view-of-New-York-CityAntique 19th century oblique-angle bird’s-eye view of New York City centered prominently on Manhattan. This original small folding map depicts the Brooklyn Bridge, the Peet company’s building on Broadway, hundreds of boats and ships (sail and steam) in the Hudson and East Rivers. Contains a key to 24 different points of interest including Castle Garden, Washington Square, Cooper Union, Central Park, and Long Island Sound. <br></br> The map was a promotional vehicle for the clothing company of Rogers, Peet & Co. Verso contains a "Strangers’ Guide to New York." Top margin and right margin with alpha-numeric symbols keyed to the map legend. <br></br> Drawn by J.W. Williams and copyrighted 1879 by Root & Tinker. Printed with Mather's inks. Folded brochure measures 3.0 x 5.5".
2509Coming Soon!DetailsStebbins, Nathaniel L.1893
Stebbins' Illustrated Coast Pilot First Edition SECOND STATE
Stebbins, Nathaniel L.
$750.00Stebbins--Nathaniel-L-Stebbins--Illustrated-Coast-Pilot-First-Edition-SECOND-STATEVery rare SECOND STATE of the FIRST EDITION of this antique, late 19th century landmark in coastal navigation from the notable Boston-based marine photographer Nathaniel Stebbins. An interesting late 19th century artifact that combined the (then) new technology of photography with the oldest known form of recorded navigational instructions- written sailing directions. (See second state differences at bottom). <br></br> Stebbin's fascinating antique coast pilot first demonstrated the practical application of photography to navigation, a field long dominated by man-made representations of coastal features. Contains numerous photographs of key landmarks and navigational aids accompanied by textual sailing directions. Among the hundreds of photographs are Stepping Stones lighthouse, Execution Rocks lighthouse, Stamford Harbor lighthouse, Bartlett Reef light vessel, Newport Harbor lighthouse, Hen and Chickens light vessel, Vineyard Sound light vessel, Hyannis wharf and range lights, Great Round Shoal light vessel (appears to be a decrepit wreck of a sailing vessel), Nantucket lighthouses at Brant Point and Great Point, and the Boston and Marblehead lighthouses. <BR> </BR> We are not aware of an earlier coast pilot containing photographic coastal images. <BR> </BR> This second state of the first edition differs from the first state as follows (see photographs): <div class="indenttextblock"> <ul style="list-style-type: circle;"> <li>Cover title contains additional "Part I".</li> <li>For photographs some are annotated with a purple ink overstamp: "For changes see end of book."</li> <li>Supplement (4 pages) added near end of volume: "Corrections, additions, and changes to March 1st, 1892."</li> <li>Single page added as the final page: "Corrections to January 1st, 1893."</li> </ul> </div>
2503Coming Soon!DetailsPlant Steamship Line1895
Plant Steamship Line (Tampa) brochure with route map
Plant Steamship Line
$150.00Plant-Steamship-LinePlant-Steamship-Line-(Tampa)-brochure-with-route-mapLate 19th century brochure for the Plant System of railroads and steamboats with its terminus in Tampa, Florida. Henry Bradley Plant, began his early career as deckhand and mate on a steamboat out of New York City. Late a railroad magnate, hotelier, businessman, and founder of the Plant System, Plant brought the railroad to Tampa, Florida in 1884. Plant’s railroad connected downtown Tampa to the rest of the east coast and to Port Tampa, where people could board a Plant steamship to Havana, Jamaica, New Orleans, New York, Bermuda, or other destinations. <br></br> Verso with a large advertisement for for Plant's flagship Tampa Bay Hotel. Map is set within the larger brochure which unfolds to a full 32"W x 16"H.
2514Coming Soon!DetailsWalker Lithograph and Publishing Company1910
Birds-eye view of Provincetown, Massachusetts.
Walker Lithograph and Publishing Company
$450.00Walker-Lithograph-and-Publishing-CompanyBirds-eye-view-of-Provincetown--Massachusetts-A fine panoramic birds-eye view of Provincetown, Mass. With Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in the background. Throughout Provincetown Harbor large ships and smaller sailing craft sail about; Long Point at bottom left corner. At the far horizon, barely visible at a distance are: Plymouth, Sunset Light, Standish Monument, Wireless Station - Duxbury, Blue-Hills, Boston, Boston Light, Minots Light, and the Boston Light Ship. Folds to 3" x 5" inside the cover still attached to the back of the lithograph, as issued. <br></br> Very fine condition for an antique folding lithographed map. Copyright 1910 by Walker Lithograph.
2510Coming Soon!DetailsPuget Sound Navigation Company1927
Puget Sound Birdseye View
Puget Sound Navigation Company
$300.00Puget-Sound-Navigation-CompanyPuget-Sound-Birdseye-ViewOriginal 1927 birds-eye view of Puget Sound. This very fine view includes Vancouver, Port Townsend, Bellingham, Seattle, Everett, Puyallup, Tacoma, Olympia, Anacortes, and Guemes Island. North is oriented to the right. <br></br> Includes inset map showing major regional highways, and another inset with brief written descriptions of five "Short, enjoyable outings": the Hood Canal country; the Olympic Peninsula country; Vancouver Island; the San Juan Islands; and Whidby Island. <br></br> Verso contains information of interest to commuters or vacationers and photos, descriptions, and timetables for numerous local ferries and steamships. Entire brochure unfolds to 29" W x 16" H.
2502Coming Soon!DetailsChase, Francis J.1935
The Last Frontier
Chase, Francis J.
$350.00Chase--Francis-J-The-Last-FrontierColorful and fun pictorial map of Alaska with pictures of flora, fauna, and native peoples. Prominently features the Japanese Current. Key named locations include Seattle, Bristol Bay, Aleutian Islands, Point Hope, and Point Barrow. Oceans colored black, with whales, local ships, a compass rose, iceberg, and rising sun. Rope-bordered cartouche decorated with nautical subjects, fishermen, float plane, and a totem pole. <br></br> Designed by J. Francis Chase. Copyright 1935 by Abbott Laboratories, North Chicago, Ilinois, producers of Abbott's Haliver Oil, a nutritional supplement derived from the liver of the halibut.
2505Coming Soon!DetailsLister, James Wren1948
Pictorial map of Avalon Town on Catalina Island, California
Lister, James Wren
$180.00Lister--James-WrenPictorial-map-of-Avalon-Town-on-Catalina-Island--CaliforniaVery cool pictorial mid-century birds-eye view of the town of Avalon on Catalina Island off the coast of Los Angeles, California. This original view of Avalon contains numerous named roads including Pebbly Beach Road, Wrigley Road, Chimes Road, Whittley Ave., and Metropole. Key facilities noted include a casino; Chimes Tower; the steamer pier and pleasure pier; Christian Science Church; country club; bird park; ballpark; and post office. Map is surrounded by vignettes typical to the area including ships, flying fish, a seaplane, and numerous recreational activities. <br></br> Verso contains a two-page directory of Catalina island businesses with telephone numbers and a large map of the entire island of Santa Catalina, CA. A sampling of the businesses listed includes: "Archie's Sip and Bite", "Scari's Cocktail Lounge", "Amphibian Air Transport", "Las Casitas Bungalows" and "Catalina Pin-Ups". The town directory is surrounded by small images of the signs of local business. <br></br> James Wren Lister (1897-1952) was born in England but settled in Los Angeles in 1925. Published by the L.C.B. Co. P.O. Box 146, Avalon, California.
2494Coming Soon!DetailsMaury, Matthew Fontaine1956
Maury's Whale Chart
Maury, Matthew Fontaine
$2,400.00Maury--Matthew-FontaineMaury-s-Whale-ChartRare thematic chart of reported whale sightings by geographic area, whale species, and relative number of sightings. An early example of the graphical display of quantitative information for decision malking. <br></br> Matthew Maury's Whale Chart, was first issued by the United States Bureau of Ordnance & Hydrography in 1851, lithographed by Endicott in New York. The chart was reissued by the Hydrographic Office of the US Navy. This is the third issue, from the mid 20th century. <br></br> Shows best fishing areas and migration patterns for sperm whales and right whales, as well as the most densely populated areas and areas of "Straggling" Sperm Whales and Right Whales. Note in the lower right corner reads "Price 20 cents / H.O. Miscel. No. 8514" Mid-20th-century photolithograph on wove paper. <br></br> This instance of Maury's whale chart carries a blue ink over-stamp from the U.S. Naval Supply Depot at Scotia, NY. "Corrected through Notice to Mariners No. 25 June 23, '56" that is- 1956.
2481Coming Soon!DetailsStrickland, R.1990
Very decorative map of Penobscot Bay, Maine (2)
Strickland, R.
$110.00Strickland--R-Very-decorative-map-of-Penobscot-Bay--Maine-(2)Very attractive etched map of west and east Penobscot Bay, Maine. On this very fine late 20th-century intaglio engraved print by R. Strickland geographic coverage includes Deer Island, Vinalhaven Island,and North Haven Island, with Camden, Rockport, and Rockland, Maine. Would make a fine inexpensive gift. <br></br> The artist features lighthouses, breaching humpback whales, a fine compass rose, and in the upper right a puffing wind head. The Owls Head Light Station a 30-foot tall granite lighthouse built in 1826, marks the southern entrance of Rockland Harbor. <br></br> Beautifully conceived, engraved, and printed on heavy art paper resulting in a print of the finest quality. It is difficult to overstate the fine quality of this engraving, a truly beautiful item executed to the highest standards. Numbered in a limited edition of 100.
1474Coming Soon!DetailsAa, Pieter van der17209
Philippi Brietii S.J. Ventorum Tabula
Aa, Pieter van der
$180.00Aa--Pieter-van-derPhilippi-Brietii-S-J--Ventorum-TabulaDecorative hand-colored engraving of a wind-rose. A wonderful piece that illustrates the ability of graphics to convey information about our earth. <br></br> The wind-rose is subdivided into five categories. First, "Divisio & Nomina Ventorum Apud Nautis" reads as "The winds divided and named according to navigators'. or uses an unusual and complicated wind rose to illustrate the directions and names of the best known winds around the world. Included are such names as 'Levante', 'Sirocco', 'Ponante', 'Transmontana' and 'Ostro vel Mezo Giorno'. <br></br> Antique engraving in Philip Cluver's magnum opus 'Introductionis in Universam Geographiam', a well-known geography textbook issued in various editions for many years beginning in 1624. <br></br> This very attractive engraving comes from a 1729 edition of 'Introductionis..' <br></br> The engraving measures 9" by 7", has wash hand colouring, and is in very good condition with wide blank margins and several folds (as issued). This is a clear, dark impression.