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Antique Nautical Charts, Nautical Prints, and Nautical Ephemera

Nicolas de Fer map (1717) of the Gulf Coast of the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

Scarce antique map of Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean
Nicolas de Fer   1717
Antique British Lighthouse Chart.

This large informational chart graphically displays the range over which a light could be seen; frequency and duration of the light; and the color of light. Includes lighthouses on both the Irish and British coastlines, with nearby French lighthouses shown along the English Channel.

British Lighthouse Chart of General Coast Lights.
Woolfield Hardinge   1874
Coast of U.S.
Pacific Northwest

Antique nautical chart of the western coast of California focused on the Pacific coastline between the Umpquah River, Oregon north to the Canadian border.

Western Coast of U.S. from Umpqua River to the Boundary
U.S. Coast Survey   1864
U.S. West Coast
San Francisco to the Umpquah River

Antique nautical chart of the western coast of California focused on the Pacific coastline between San Francisco, California and the Umpqua River, Oregon.

West Coast of U.S. from San Francisco to Umpqua River
U.S. Coast Survey   1869
Coastal California Between
San Francisco and San Diego

Attractive antique nautical chart of the western coast of California focused on the coastline between San Francisco and San Diego.

Reconnaissance of the Western Coast of the United States
U.S. Coast Survey   1853
Antique Sea Chart of the Falkland Islands

Fine and scarce antique French nautical chart of the Falkland Islands.

Ilses Malouines ou Falkland
Depot de la Marine   1868
San Francisco, California
Antique Birds-eye View

An attractive and desirable birds-eye view of San Francisco, California published in 1852 during the height of the California Gold Rush.

San Francisco
Henry Bill   1852
Scarce Antique Charts of Florida
Bays, Anchorages and Ports

Ten very scarce antique nautical charts of Gulf Coast bays, passes, and port entrances from Mobile, Alabama past Appalachicola, Florida and the Ochlockonee River.

Plans Hydrographiques des Baies ... des Florides
Poussin, Guillaume   1834
Antique Chart of Florida Territory with Proposed Canals

Beautiful antique chart of the Gulf Coast from the Atchafalaya River, past Bayou Lafourche and the Mississippi passes to Mobile Bay, Alabama

Carte Generale de la Floride...
Poussin, Guillaume   1834
Uncommon Antique Map of
Lake Pontchartrain

Uncommon and unrecorded version of a map of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana with three steamboat routes: to Madisonville, La., to Mandeville, La. and a mail steamboat route to Mobile, Alabama.

Map of Lake Pontchartrain
L. Hirt (after)   1840
1822 Antique Map of the
New Orleans, Louisiana Vicinity

Scarce (1822) copperplate engraved map of New Orleans by John Melish.

NEW ORLEANS and adjacent country
John Melish   1822
Plan of Colonial New Orleans

Antique French plan of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana (la Nouvelle Orleans) from the period of French colonization ca. 1753.

Plan de la Nouvelle Orleans
J.N. Bellin   1753