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Rare Antique Map of Pebble Beach, Califonia

Map of Pebble Beach Monterey County, CA
Hunter, T.B.   1909
Unrecorded Late Golden-age Dutch Sea Chart by Johannes Loots.

Previouly unrecorded nautical chart of the world by Dutch cartographer Johannes Loots.

Nieuwe Generale Wassende Gradige Paskaart
van de Geheele Werelt
Johannes Loots   1709
Early Chart of San Francisco Bay

Scarce French sea chart of San Francisco Bay made from 1836-39 by Captain Petit-Thouars of the French Frigate Venus.

Croquis Des Atterrages De La Baie De San-Francisco
Depot de la Marine   1843
Antique French Chart of the
California Coast - Baja Peninsula

Large engraved antique chart of the California coast with Baja south to Mazatlan, Mexico.

Carte des côtes de Californie de Mazatlan à San Francisco
Aime Robiquet   1856
Portobelo, Panama

The map depicts the town of Portobelo, Fort Gloria including the harbor and Fort Hierro (iron), across the harbor from Portobelo.

Perspectivische Vorstellung des Hafens,
Castels, u. der Stadt Porto Belo
Homann Heirs   1743
Red Sea with Bab al-Mandab Strait

Engraved plan of the Bab al-Mandab Strait (Babel Mandel) at the mouth of the Red Sea.

The Mouth of the Red Sea
John Luffman   1801
West Coast of Panama,
Colombia, Equador, and Peru

Antique map of the west coast of Panama, Colombia, </BR>Equador, and Peru.

Chart of the Coasts of Peru, Quito, Popayan,
and the Isthmus of Darien
Herman Moll   1720
Belle Isle, France

Antique engraved map of the Island of Belle Isle, France in the Bay of Biscay.

John Luffman   1800
Antique Chart of Humboldt Bay, California.

Attractive U.S. Coast Survey separately-published chart of Humboldt Bay, California. For the collector of California cartography.

Humboldt Bay, California
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey   1867
Fine Antique Chart of
Suisun Bay, California

Very attractive scarce antique engraved chart of Suisun Bay, California northwest of San Francisco Bay.

Suisun Bay, California From a Trigonometrical Survey . . .
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey   1867
Boston Mass. :
Twenty Rare Street and Lot Plans

Twenty lot and street plans from Boston, Massachusetts generally from the decade of the 1880's.

Multiple 19th C. Surveys of Boston Back Bay
Fuller and Whitney   1880
Cambridge, Mass. :
Twenty-five Rare Street and Lot Plans

Twenty-five mid 19th-century surveyors' manuscripts, lithographs, traces of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Multiple 19th C. Surveys of Cambridge, Mass.
Mason, Whitney, Bowker...    1870
Huge Antique Chart of
New York Bay and Harbor

A spectacular, large antique nautical chart of New York Bay and Harbor from 1889 by the U.S. Coast Survey.

Bay and Harbor of New York
U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey   1889
Monterey Bay and Carmel Bay, California

First French edition of this antique plan of Monterey Bay, Carmel, and Carmel Bay in California.

Plan de la Baie de Monterey Situee dans la Calfornie Septentrionale
La Perouse, Jean François Galaup   1797